Reasons not to take the diabetes medicine Farixga

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Farixga is a diabetic medicine that is marketed by two popular pharmaceutical companies in the United States . he Pharmaceutical companies are both well known American companies. These companies are Astra Zeneca and Bristol Myers Squibb

New Type of typre-2 diabetes medicine

This medicine is used for type-2 diabetes is to be used when the patient doesn't require the use of insulin along with taking a pill. It is usually the type diabetes older people get. This medicine is also to be used with diet and exercise.

Farxiga is a part of a new class of medicines, the second of a sodium glucose Transporter 2 inhibitor (SGLT2 inhibitor) The medicine takes all the glucose (sugar) and sodium (salt) out of your body through the urine.

The actions of the kidneys

When the kidney filters it gets rid of waste products that are filtered out through the urine, but the urine also gets rid of sodium and glucose. We need sodium, and glucose One of the most important things your kidneys do is to reabsorb important things through the urine that are essential to our existence.

We have an (SGLT2) occurs were naturally in the kidneys. IT reabsorbs all the necessary things we need in our body. Then there is the (SGLT2) inhibitors don't allow our natural (SGLT2) reabsorb our important things in our body like sodium and glucose.

How was Farixga studied?

The only reason (SGLT2) inhibitors were approved was by the fact that it is lowered the glucose when the researchers tested people two or three months later checking the participants hemoglobin A1c. The A1c is a test that gives an average level of blood sugar is over those two or three months.

The medicine was tested by Bristol Myers Squibb. Their studies had 16 randomized trials that were controlled. Some of these were giving certain diabetics Farixga and give the rest of the group some placebos to compare the outcome of the two. Other tests showed the differences that compare Farixga with metformin (Formemet) (Glucophage) along with a placebo.

Does this work better than metformin a poular diabetes drug

The results weren't that impressive. When used either alone or with another diabetes medication did not lower the A1c levels that weren't too impressive to justify the side effects,

And it also didn't do much better with the A1c to see its safety against .metaformin or other safe diabetes medicines.

What diabetcs want with their treatment

Keeping good glucose levels, diabetics also want more from their treatment. THey want how long they live to be improved not dying early of diabetes complications if they can't get their sugar levels right.

These problems diabetics can get are diabetic retinopathy that if the diabtic doesn't get a yearly dilated eye test they can become blind because of diabetic retinopathy. And also some cardiovascular problems such as stroke or heart attack. Or it can be kidney failure. Farxiga was never tested to see if they help the person avoid getting these complications of diabetes.

Public Citizen fights back

Even though those who lost a little weight and their blood pressure went down a bit, still didn't help stop cardiovascular events.

Public Citizen's Health Research Groups testified July 19, 20111, and December 12, 2012, testified to the FDA's Endocrinologists and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committees very strongly going this medicine and there wasn't many improvements in this diabetes medicine that can improve and the bad side effects that can be deadly, They thought the side effects were worse than the help on diabetes.

The side effects are not the greatest,. Those taking the medicine have a more chance of bladder cancer occurs.

The firsgt time Bristol Myers Squibb submitted an application in this medicine

Older people and Farixga

In clinical trials, the diabetic women who took this medicine had more diagnosis of breast cancer

When a person taking this medicine is elderly and gets too low blood pressure may make them susceptible to fainting,. These side effects most often happen to older people who might faint and when they fall over they may break a hip that is a serious with the elderly.

Or they may fall by not being able to see losing sight to diabetic retinopathy.

Worst pills , Best pills September 2014 Volume 20 NO 9


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