Recovery Connections: When You Can’t Make a Meeting

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Meetings for many people are the human connection. However, when traveling, or living in an area that does not have the type of meeting that is beneficial, what can people do to find connections to help support and reinforce their recovery?

24/7/365: Meetings Online

Discussing online self-help support groups as the precursor to e-therapy, Martha Ainsworth notes, "the enduring success of these groups has firmly established the potential of computer-mediated communication to enable discussion of sensitive personal issues."

Many of us enjoy the benefits of different types of recovery support meetings; however, if we live in some areas, the only way to find a meeting that philosophically matches our beliefs is to find them on the Internet.

What's Out There?

A simple search finds:
Celebrate Recovery online resources
HAMS Harm Reduction Network
Hazeldon’s Social Community: Various types of meetings
NA Recovery
Recovery Chat: Various types of meetings, including family/friends and dual diagnosis

Why Talk to Strangers?

Twenty-three years ago, I found my first online recovery chat room at 2 AM; sharing with a man in France who wanted to practice his English as much as helping people with their recovery. He had ten years in recovery, I had two, and although his English and my French left a lot to be desired, what we shared about our recovery was well worth the necessity to translate repeatedly. We communicated until his passing six years ago and both our language skills and recovery only grew stronger.

How Do I know it the Site is Helpful?

A good recovery support group has valuable resources, yet it is like most meetings that you attend in person; there are those there for less than authentic recovery motives as well as those who demonstrate integrity. Good sites have regular members that continue to help others for no other reason than to be helpful; they do not have hidden agendas. Psychologists refer to this consistency and unity in groups, as "high group cohesion", and it is the basis for good online support groups.

There is no difference in determining if an online meeting is safe and authentic for you; spend some time listening and evaluating the participants and decide if this meeting or chat room offers you what you need.

Traveling? Find a Meeting Anytime and Anywhere

My friend helped me find meetings that honored my beliefs when I visited France. However, I could not find a meeting in Belgium within a reasonable distance. I simply found a meeting online and learned to say a few recovery slogans in different languages, as French, Dutch and German are all common languages there; however, do not be limited in your foreign languages.

One Day at a Time

Just for fun, the image can help you convey the concept of “One Day at a Time” in the multiple languages to help you feel comfortable in European Chat Rooms that espouse an “Anonymous” philosophy.

Education into Addiction and Recovery: Available Online

Many of us find valuable resources for our interest with a simple Bing or Google search. It is the same for our recovery. Valuable resources for education into addiction include:

Addiction Alchemy: Beyond Sobriety - Radio Show on hiatus Click to hear Archived Shows
Recovery Coast to Coast - The Nightly Voice of Recovery
 Click this link if you can’t get enough of Speaker Meetings
 For a Christian Recovery broadcast: Dick B. shares about Christian recovery

No More Excuses!

The next time you think you need a meeting but can’t muster the resolve to leave your house, try one of the resources listed and see how you feel. You may have something to offer that someone else needs as well, and that is what recovery has always been about – connections, help and seeking answers.

Each person has a unique perspective on addiction and recovery. Writing about your experiences may just be the encouragement that someone else needs to recover. Consider writing on Wikinut to spread the word that recovery is possible.

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