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Recovering from any sort of addiction is hard work. I've written this page as a recovered gambling addict to help others.

I was wasting all the household income on gambling.

Gambling addiction is just as hard to recover from as any other addiction. It can take over your life, leave you money less, and destroy relationships. It can affect the children, they see you do it, and they start doing it when they are older or underage because they start to believe if an adult does it, it is normal.

My family or myself never had a proper income until recently. That was because my addiction got so bad, I wasted every penny and I didn't realize what I was doing. As a result I ended up living of hand outs, loans and depending on others.

Turning point

My turning point came when I realized we had nothing to look after the children with, pay bills, or decorate and maintain our home and take holidays, or other leisure activities.

I would end up cashless for weeks, and not realize it, until my bank account showed nil and bingo was on my statement every day. That started to depress me, more so, as my addiction was online, I ended up at the computer wasting money and my time, when I could and should have put it elsewhere.

It wasn't purposeful, the addiction was related to my mental illness, namely border line personality disorder, which almost ripped up my life.

recovery took a long time.

Recovery was not quick, it took a very long time, years in fact. I have only just recovered, so I have to do things (like writing and studying) to divert my attention and focus on my most important priorities which are me and my children.

I took up writing as a career point. I always loved writing, I spend a bit of time doing it on here, off line, in pen and assignments for the courses I do. I have also taken up photography, cooking and many other creative hobbies. That diverts me and stops me draining my bank account.

'Will I win? Just one more'.

We have all said this. 'Will I win? Just one more,' 'I want Progressive jackpot.' The important thing to remember here is, they are random, you might or might not; but when you don't, who is pocketing the cash? limits are useful, but be aware you can adjust them, and take them off. You have to be mindful and stay in control, but it is easy to get giddy and go out of control.

I used limits, and thought I was in control, until I took them off and put them back on constantly. It wasn't that I 'didn't have the willpower' I did, but was too weak to use it. Luckily I have willpower now, so I set my limit monthly off my own accord because a monthly limit is not offered on most sites and I stick to it. If I haven't got it or its money I can't use, I divert myself and don't touch it. However I say monthly, nowadays I'm so busy with my exciting new life, its more than that.

bingo addiction is not playing and staying in control, it is playing and not staying in control!

A final word. Many people in my world think 'If your still playing, your still addicted.' That is a myth it is not true. If your playing and able to stay in control without overspending or wasting your household budget, and you are using your own money and not money for the household, your needs or your family needs, you are not an addict.

However if your spending everything, borrowing to spend, emptying your account, using your household budget, and ignoring everything around you, then you are an addict and that is when you do need to help yourself. Professional help is helpful if you feel you can not do it alone, but the strongest will power is you!

Activities help!

Fit activities in your day that are not stressful: read, watch t.v, write, go for a walk, a trip to the beach, or even craft and decorate (if that is not stressful, different things work for different people.

You will find yourself playing more to avoid stressing, if you don't replace gambling with an healthy enjoyable activity, daily life leads to stress which can lead to bingo which can make you cashless, the result more stress!


Make a rule for that occasional game, you can be flexible. It is normal to play occasionally, everyone likes a surprise! Withdraw your wins, Don't make the mistake I and many have made and put them back, win and withdraw, it's better in your bank account than in the stream. Even if its £30, just withdraw it, it doesn't matter if you win big or not, you've made a profit and it is silly to waste it. Remember by putting it back in, your playing more so your not sticking to your limit.

A new breath of air

Since I got to be in control of my addiction. life is better, I can go for coffee, buy clothes, meet my household, pay for courses and I am saving. These are a few of the benefits of sensible playing, without the addiction, so remember them and good luck!


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author avatar snerfu
27th May 2015 (#)

Yes, "I can go for coffee..." the very feeling I too have after quitting smoking.
Nice article

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author avatar Butterfly38
27th May 2015 (#)

Thank you, and a tip. I switched to using a vaper and I've never gone back to buying proper cigarettes since. My house certainly smells better and I can breathe better

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