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What soul ties really is? How you should look at it? Are there many possible dangers from soul ties?

My reflection about soul ties

I have heard about this term before "soul ties" in our church in a seminar for youth called True love waits. Now, I try to look more on this term and I researched more about it and found helpful sites online like this one:

The Dangers of Soul Ties – Overcome it!

I am a bit curious as this term pops in my mind. I am also at a point in my life that I am reviewing all the past relationships and dealings I had with all people I met or I mingle with in my life from my family members to my classmates, teachers, friends, church groups, co-workers even online friends.

We often think that soul ties exist just between lovers only or soul mates , they call it. I found out soul ties happen to anyone we have connection with.

I seem to think that soul ties are really sensitive and we should value it as well. I remember after I finish college and is now away from most of my classmates I feel there is a tunnel, vacuum feeling or something, suctioning feeling that I feel I get out of a tunnel after I finish my studies.

I began to see my peers, what we had been through and why did they became part of my life anyway? I don't know but I feel better after I have been out of some personal relationship with people. I feel I have no choice but to mingle with them or compelled to make friendships with this people because I need it to achieve my goals and I wonder if it is worth my life to ever spend time with these people.

I also observed it in my family, although we are living inside the same house, there are family members where I don't feel close actually and no strong relationships really. I would say my father is always quiet, we don't talk that much and when he speaks, most of the time, he is hot-tempered so I believe no healthy soul ties exist between me and my father. As with my mother, we always have time to talk but we end up arguing at times, otherwise our communication is open, our soul ties good.

I also believe having sex with someone is not a simple thing and is really a form of close soul ties. That is why we cannot do it just to anybody or as many as we could. It is very intimate and a very strong soul tie can occur. Even if partners have parted ways, sexual relationship is such a strong bond and we don't do it blindly or do it out of shock or out of sudden urge, we our in our full consciousness.

I so want to be careful forming soul ties with anyone right now. Though most people judge me as quiet on the first time that is because I actually choose to be quiet with anyone I don't know yet or is stranger to me. The truth is I am so talkative, depending if we are close or I am at ease or share common interest.

I believe the first time we glimpse a person ever in our lives, a soul tie begins. It gets deeper as you start to talk, smile, laugh at each other, share things, go to their houses etc.

There are people who really hurt me so bad as I had more soul ties with them and I allowed them to my "circle of friends" but then I feel sorry in the end, why did I ever made soul ties with these people if I will only be damaged emotionally and mentally?

I form healthy soul ties with people we get good harmony and I resent having soul ties or connection with people who just stepped on me or planned evil things against me, have you ever feel that way?

Even online as I write here in Wikinut, all authors including me are sharing a part of their soul in what they write. Though we don't physically see each other we form some sort of soul ties with our followers and people we meet online.

For me soul ties happen because we have our senses, our eyes, ears, touch, taste, smell. Have you seen the more you look at someone or stare at someone the more they register on your mind. You have first impressions but as you get to know more you will see other amazing little details of that person. Then you will see how they speak, how they talk or how they moved.

Soul ties with the wrong set of people can be a bondage or enslaving. Healthy soul ties are what can keep us moving, alive and can lead us to a better life. So right now I am checking all my soul ties, break some, improve some, keep some.

As for me, soul ties are important and so it is really important to choose the people we meet along the way. Though it is impossible to completely shelter ourselves with people, we need to be careful of people we want to have exposure.

Of course, we need to grow by dealing with other people but when the soul ties causes damage now to your self-esteem, self-respect, dignity, your peace of mind, your sanity it is time to break from our soul ties with them.

However, I do believe that most of the times, most of our soul ties are destiny or we really need to expose ourselves to these types of people. Though it can be a destiny, we have total power to choose if we want to continue our ties or break away and depart from it. However, one type of soul ties we cannot easily break is our relationship with our family members because we should be there for each other no matter what. I really believe soul ties are everywhere, even in the things we watched in TV, we need to be in control of the soul ties we are making.


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
4th Jul 2012 (#)

This is an interesting page which leaves me realizing that the term "soul-ties" might be interpreted differently by some of us. I can't say that I agree or disagree as I need to read more about this term. See: Thank you, Avery. I am learning something today.

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author avatar avery sandiego
11th Jul 2012 (#)

why? it is a great link. Thank you very much!

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