Rehab Detroit: Not Always About Drugs

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The moment the word “rehab” comes to mind, images of drug-dependent patients come to mind participating in group sessions that tried to explain why they became “junkies”. But the word, an abbreviation for “rehabilitation” is basically about helping patients with special needs get back to the life that they got used to due to other medical reasons.

Spinal cord injury

Some accidents leave patients with a back broken deep enough to damage the spinal cord. Patients with the courage and the drive to live again undergo therapy, the friendlier term for rehabilitation. Since each case of spinal cord injury is different, choosing the right program for you is crucial to getting the process right.

Patients usually enter the program in a wheelchair, reconditioning the muscles below the torso to start functioning again. This meant intense sessions to “force” the legs to move. Giving up can mean total dependence on a walker or, in worse cases, back to the wheelchair. But once the sessions are complete, not even a walker is needed anymore.

Brain injury

Among the body parts we have today, the only part that does not regenerate is the brain. Unlike other cells, brain cells don’t reproduce. So when brain injuries occur, a series of intense rehab sessions would be conducted on the patient. And it is not always due to an accident. Brain injury occurs too in strokes. Some of the best brain injury rehabilitation centers are found in Detroit.

Compared to spinal cord injury rehabilitation, it would be more intense since reconditioning the body meant replenishing lost locomotive movement including the ability to speak. With the help of state-of-the-art facilities guided by certified therapists, recovery is more than possible.

Parkinson’s Disease

This is similar to therapy applied for patients suffering from stroke and brain injury but with a program specially formulated for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Sessions would include conditioning the mind about voices heard in order to know the volume of voice used to reply.

A patient tends to think that he or she is speaking at normal volume but the people around the patient hears a faint voice. Conditioning the senses to speak loud and not be ashamed of speaking too loud are part of the therapy. Same thing applies to locomotion. A patient tends to think that he or she is acting normally but the people around the patient don’t see much movement. Exerting extra efforts bordering on “over-acting” and “over-reacting” would also be part of the therapy. At the end of the day, it becomes a way to connect the way the patient see and hear himself/herself to the image shown to the public.

Cancer rehabilitation

Not everyone recovers from chemotherapy. Sometimes the chemo takes a toll on the body. And when no contingency plan is set for the patients that finished the session, pain and suffering return that weaken further the patient. So apart from completing the chemotherapy, a rehabilitation session to buffer the transition towards total recovery should be in place.

One of the first steps is pelvic floor treatment. Most cancer patients complain of difficulty in peeing or crapping due to pelvic pain. Mobilization of soft tissues and joints are included in the therapy too along with specialized massage techniques to condition the body into functioning again. It’s part of alleviating cancer fatigue. If a patient is bedridden for so long, the body should be moving again. Therapy would alleviate the discomfort of a body that got too used to immobility by making it move again.

Why Detroit?

It became apparent that most patients most drive all the way to Detroit even if it meant coming from the West Coast just to gain access to quality therapy sessions. Picking which one suits you best is where you start. If you have some friends and family over at Detroit that would even provide some recommendations then that would be better for you. You deserve the best treatments available in rehabilitation centers providing you with the best facilities and therapists today.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Rehab is important and we still lacking proper care in this field in our country. All seems craving for business and money made us all cruel and rude.

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author avatar KuyaManzano
30th Jan 2015 (#)

Wow. That's pretty direct, guess yes really :-)

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