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Reiki Therapy was rediscovered in Japan, by Dr Mikao Usui, in the early 20th century. Reiki was a hidden art in Ancient Tibet. It was, therefore, lost for 5,000 years. In this page Reiki, as we now know it. is discussed.

Reiki Rediscovered As Outcome Of A Rough Ride!

Reiki With Ralph

Reiki works holistically realigning mind, body and soul. When, due to stressful situations, the three bodies are out of kilter illness comes about. Due to loss of sensitivity, as a result of long term focus on the gross material body, one does not pick up on early signs of illness. We usually find out at a very late stage in the illness. In many cases it is too late to stop then disease from spreading throughout the body.
It is important that, from an early age, people are taught whole beyond the organism in which we find ourselves. Happiness coming about naturally as an outcome of true, holistic, health is achievable. This will come about when the soul, subtle body and gross material body are all taken care of and, naturally, come into alignment.
Many people focus only on taking care of the gross material body. At first glance this would appear to make perfect sense. It is, after all, the tasks, apparently, carried out by this body which bring about the fruits by which we live. However that line of thought is missing something. Due to many generations of conditioning we have forgotten the subtle and spiritual bodies - the other pieces of the puzzle – where the answers to many of our questions lay.
We are intrinsically spiritual beings – a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. The body will die. The soul is eternal. Everything including our actions and our way of being is emanating from God of whom the souls or living entity is part and parcel. It is when we try to live apart from God rather than as a part of him that our lives go out of kilter. This can emanate in many ways.
A couple of indicators that we are not connecting with God, or our own divine nature are that, in some ways our lives are not working. It could be that dealing with dis – ease or our relationships are not working. Material problems are another indicator. We do not usually notice these manifestations till, in many cases, it is too late. It is subtle. Meditating on the gross material desensitises us. A great many people go to work every day and put in some hard graft whether it be physically or mentally. The outcome of this is that they dissipate energy. Should this not be replaced there will be stress which will, eventually, manifest itself as illness – mental as well as physical. So many once – productive people are suffering from mental breakdowns and cancer. Many people’s ability to cope, with the everyday, breaks down. Before they know it they are drinking too much alcohol or using other intoxicants in order that they can go on. Some find themselves misled by toxic people who want to see them destroyed.
The subtle body consists of mind, intelligence and false ego. The gross body is made up of earth, water, fire, air and ether. These are the products of the inferior energy. It is possible for the living entity to make use of these due to consisting of the superior energy being as they are part and parcel of God. This brings about the illusion that we are independent and separate from our Creator.
The soul is the life energy in every living entity. For many lifetimes we have been coming and going from one planetary system to another in different bodies on different planets, performing different activities depending upon the body in which we find ourselves. If it is possible to imagine something than there is a planet where it exists.
Healing starts at the soul level. It is possible to get anyone on the road to health regardless of where one may, now, find oneself. Whether one is in great physical suffering, or in anguish, or one is just a bit confused as to what his next step on life’s journey must be, the healing is available.
There are those who remain unhealthy because they are not willing to open up to possibilities. They disregard healing and they say it cannot possibly work for them. Their very own words become a self fulfilling prophesy. We will never know if they got satisfaction from being right!
Throughout the world it is possible to find manifestations of healing energy in every culture. All of these work. I would suggest you do some research and dig out a few different resources from different sources. Study them and make use of them till you find one with which you feel an affinity. Should you feel really adventurous you may feel inclined to travel to different parts of the world, meeting teachers from different aspects of healing. This could well be the birth of a new, different, you.
Reiki originated in Ancient Tibet five thousand years ago. It was used by the doctors of the time alongside other hidden arts which brought about healing. At that time most of the educated people were monks who lived a secluded life in monasteries. Healing arts were performed in the clinics, of the time, in isolated monasteries.
The rural atmosphere as well as the healing techniques worked to bring about a restoration of full health. Many of these techniques have been rediscovered and rejuvenated in the modern age. There are, in today’s world, Ayurvedic hospitals, retreat houses in rural settings, yoga and meditation colleges which are built on ley lines throughout the planet. There are a great many publications which publicise these topics. These can be found at the push of a button or the click of a mouse as well as in your local newsagent’s shop.
Reiki was rediscovered, by Mikao Usui, early in the twentieth century. He was the headmaster of a Christian boys’ school in Japan. One day he was giving a class in Religious Education to a group of teenage boys. One of the boys raised his hand and said, ‘Sir, where did Jesus’ healing power come from?’ Usui replied, ‘Let me get back to you’.
That evening Usui decided that he would go on a solo, twenty one day, pilgrimage to Mount Kurama in Japan. He went there quite ill prepared for the rough terrain which he was about to encounter. When he arrived there he started walking on the mountain and remained observant. Much of the time he came up against gorse bushes and heather growing on the mountain. Walking at night, under the stars, as he prayed for the revelation of Jesus’ healing power from time to time he fell into holes and was scratched by thorns. Every night he sought till, eventually, he found! On the twentieth night he decided that if he did not find the source of Jesus’ healing power he would have to go back to the school with no answer. As he walked into the night a light, in the far off distance, caught his eye. He stood there looking skywards watching this light as it came nearer and nearer at great speed. His first instinct was to get out of the way. However he decided to stand there and let it wash over him. He felt tremendous energy pulsing through his body. He knew he had found that for which he had come.
As the next day dawned he noticed that his injuries from the gorse bushes, thorns and falling into holes had healed. This confirmed to him that he had found the healing power which Jesus had channelled two thousand years before.
Not long after his rediscovery of this healing energy he left his job in the school and set up a clinic in the beggars’ area of a nearby large city. Here he practised Reiki on the poorest of the poor as well as on everyday clients.


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