Remedies for Migraine:A therapy Using Psychological Treatment

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I would like to introduce some known facts about migraine. Some of the Psychologists and faith healers have come forward to prove that healing mechanism can help an individual get relief from pain to some extent.

What is expected in this article about Migraine?

Therapy offering pain relief for Migraine Headache

Migraine Causes According to Psychological Research

• Emotional Upset
• Dietary condition
• Treatment for Emotional Upset
• Treatment for Dietary conditions
• Psychological Treatment for Migraine
• Causes of Migraine
• Cause of Headache due to guilt
• Cause of Headache due to anger
• Cause of Headache due to allergy
• Healing Mechanism by Psychologists
• Responsibility of the Patient
• Treatment involved in healing mechanism

Therapy for Migraine Pain Relief

Often, “migraine is psychological”, this is what many of the psychiatrists or doctors say. This is the fact up to certain extent of analysis. According to the psychological Research foundation, Loren Parks “Pain or frequency due to migraine headache can be reduced through mind healing and other control measures.

Emotional Upset

According to the doctors, cure for migraine can happen within minutes of time span. If a person is suffering from continuous headache due to stress at higher level, then no healing mechanism can help him or her get relief.

According to the research, migraine occurs due to anger and stress conditions. If the person who wants pain relief is not willing to get rid of anger, then doctors also cannot help.

Dietary Condition

This is the primary reason for cause of migraine. Calcium and magnesium levels should not reduce or deficit. Usually according t the doctors, Americans are magnesium deficient.

Those must maintain fine balance between calcium levels and magnesium levels. People who consume more of protein food will suffer from this problem. It can be intake through alcohol, caffeine, drinking soft water and calcium supplements.

Treatment for Emotional Upset

Doctors analyze and give treatment by considering issues of blockage, which cause stress and tension in people suffering from migraine. From childhood, doctors will remove all the blockages present in subconscious mind to relieve people from stress.

If a person has neck or shoulder tension while having headache, then it is due to anger levels in him or her. Treatment will prove to be effective only if the person cooperates for controlling anger.

Treatment for Dietary Condition

Take 200mg or 300 mg of magnesium every day to keep bowel movement free because constipation or stomach upset is also cause of migraine. Epsom salt is the best way to intake magnesium. You can also have magnesium component mixed juice or water. It acts as a pain reliever and reduces pain for arthritis people.

Psychological Treatment for Migraine

Here, the doctors treat those people suffering from migraine only when they get the pain. At that time, the doctor analyzes the blockage caused from early childhood and tries to give a clear picture of the facts.

Healing is the method of treating migraine pain. Sometimes or most of the time, the patient is unaware of the fact that he has been taking this virtual instantaneous healing treatment.

That is why; most of the doctors prefer to give treatment in the form of headache cures when someone is suffering from headache. It is then that they feel relieved within couple of minutes because of this disconnect ceremony from the subconscious mind.

By doing the shingle case, the doctor was able to provide pain relief for one woman for about two weeks. The second time, the same woman suffered from exertion. Doctor gave her very simple advice to relax, walk around the room for a while. The result was effective.

Therefore, it is all about our mind control with which things work out for us. If we can remove certain harmful thoughts to keep ourselves healthy and perfect, we can reduce the pain and frequency of migraine.

Causes of Miigraine

Therefore, people suffer from migraine due to
• Anger
• Guilt
• Allergy or Association

Cause of Headache due to Guilt

Headaches caused due to guilty feeling have to be healed starting from sub- consciousness.

Cause of Headache due to anger

Anger causes tension in neck and shoulder part of the body. Doctors can heal if the patient is willing to control his or her anger.

Cause of Headache due to allergy

Some people get headaches that are responsive conditionally due to allergy. It can be in the form of food, smell or scene, which reminds person of previous headaches unconsciously.

Healing Mechanism by Psychologists

According to Russian psychologists, the automatic response or emotional responses originate at sub-conscious level. Healing should start from that level. It is not in the hands of a person to control what is going on in the sub-conscious state. However, all you can do is to influence it with your imagination.

Responsibility of the patient

Co-operate with Doctors

If person suffering with severe migraine can imagine positively, then with the help of healing mechanism, doctors can reduce the frequency and pain. Finally, the only fact, which doctors from the Psychology Research foundation want to tell the world, is that, migraine is purely psychological.

Treatment involved in Healing Mechanism?

Treatment in the form to remove phobias and depression helps in healing or curing migraine if not completely. Human body responds differently to various stress levels. Based on this, headaches occur ranging from anger, guilt and even repressed anger, which can cause psoriasis.

Finally, let your subconscious indicate the person inside you, and then doctors can treat you easily.


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author avatar wonder
25th Jun 2010 (#)

well posted.

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author avatar wonder
25th Jun 2010 (#)

well posted.

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author avatar Joanna szczot
26th May 2012 (#)

I suffer from migraines for years.
This post is very interesting.
Will you be able recommend me more articles on this subject.My doctor has never mention this kind of approach to my pain.How I can control my subconscious mind?Thank you very much.

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