Resistance to passage

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We often feel hurt from what others say about us. This poem is intended to deepen our understanding of the situation, and offers insight into a solution for the problem.

Resistance to passage - a poem by Uttik

Lying on my cradle, I explored the world around me,
I learned to expand my lungs, to make a fist, and to separate my fingers.

I punched my fist through the air,
It simply yielded and let me through.

I learned to walk, skip, and jump,
My curiosity was insatiable.

I poked a pudgy finger through the surface of a still puddle,
It allowed me free and facile passage.
Alas, I was a poor student, and failed to learn the import.

I was placed in a room with others of my age,
My fist and finger would not go through my playmate’s face,
And my attempts resulted in resistance, fright, and loud wails.

I learned craft and wile, and used those in good measure,
To make my way through the world.

Often enough, I was reminded that others knew craft and knew wile as well,
Not a day passed when a dart was not thrown at me,
Not a day passed when I failed to feel the hurt.

Over time, my hurt made me aware of the darts I was throwing,
I learned to be silent, and I vacated my quiver of arrows.

Yet the darts kept coming, and the initial indignance led to deep hurt,
What did I do to deserve it? For, I had never harmed them.

On a summer’s day, as I sought refuge of the shade and breeze under a tree,
A street urchin, unkempt and dirty, chose the spot right next to me,
And commenced his attempts at engaging me in conversation.

Having suffered insults and injustice at work, I was in a dark and irritable mood,
The child continued merrily and in keen tones, oblivious of my lack of interest,
I broke, and hurled a few words of abuse, and bade him begone,
To my amazement, I watched the child’s form became sheer and wraith-like,
My verbal darts went right through him, and his smile remained radiant and unaffected,
As the little one offered neither acceptance of my words, nor resistance to them.
I felt his light and love spread in delicious golden warmth through my veins,
And his message echoed in me, “To let it pass through you, you must fail to resist.”


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