Restless Leg Syndrome: The Urge to Move One's Legs Due to an Uncomfortable Sensation

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Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is an odd sensation in the legs and sometimes arms, that urges the person to move their limbs. This is quite common and there are both serious cases and minor cases.

What exactly is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder which is characterised by an irritating urge to move one's body to stop the odd sensation. This is most commonly found to happen in the legs, hence the name, but is also fairly common in arms and torso. Moving the affected limb will relieve the discomfort, however it will return after a few seconds. Some describe the feeling as an itch inside the muscle that you can't scratch, while others say it feel more like a cramp. This mostly occurs when relaxing, working at the desk, studying or trying to sleep.

What effect does it have on the person?

Restless Leg Syndrome will hinder the affected person from sitting still or even from sleeping. When trying to sleep, RLS makes it nearly impossible; and in more serious cases of the disorder, it can cause major sleep disruption and therefore have significant affects to one's quality of life.

Who can it happen to?

Basically anyone. Most patients with this disorder first noticed it under the age of 20. And it worsened over time.

How to prevent it

Since RLS is mostly caused by caffeine, one should avoid drinking tea or coffee before going to bed. Doctors recommend avoiding caffeine intake after 6 pm.

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