Revisiting Some most effective Natural and Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples

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Since time immemorial, our communities have been using many home remedies and alternative medicines to deal with this problem. In the following sections, I have discussed some of these popular home remedies.

Lemon Juice for Acne or Pimple Treatment

Fresh lemon juice is widely used as an effective home remedy for acne and scar treatment on face. The acidic content in the lemon juice works like a cleaning agent to absorb the excess oil content from the face and may prevent spread of pimples. Lemon juice is also believed to make one's face look fresh and the aromatic smell of the lemon juice and the peels give a better feeling. However, it has also been observed that lemon juice has some side effects if not handled carefully. Some steps to prevent these side effects are as the following.

(i) It is always wise to dilute lemon juice with clean water than applying it in its normal form. Adding water would make a lighter solution and results in reduced pain on open woulds and acne while applying on face. But it is also true that some people may like to enjoy the pain caused by application of lemon juice as it distracts the attention from the acne pain.

(ii) It is also advisable to check whether one's skin tolerates the acidic lemon juice before apply it all over the face.

(iii) Lemon juice makes your skin dry. So it is advisable not to use it during day time and for long duration. The best way is to wash it after 2-5 minutes of applying and use it only at evening or night instead of day time. One may also feel good if pats the face with a wet cloth for some time after applying lemon.

Sandalwood is used as an effective home remedy for Acne Treatment

In my part of the world, sandal wood paste is a popular home remedy for any kind of boils, cysts and acne. People generally prepare a thick paste of sandal wood by rubbing a sandal wood piece on a plain hard surface by applying a few drops of water or any liquid substance. People with a dry skin add a few drops of raw milk to prepare the paste and people with oily skin prepare the paste with water only. Sandalwood paste play a dual role of a coolant as well as a blotting agent. Thus, at one hand, it provides relief to the face from acne inflammation and on the other hand, it absorbs the extra oil and other unwanted substances from the skin. Unfortunately after drying on the acne-affected area, it looks bright and one may not be comfortable to go out with a couple of bright spots on her face. It is therefore advisable to apply it before going to bed or at time when is staying at home. In order to remove the sandal flakes from the face after they dry up,one may use a piece of wet cloth or cotton ball soaked in water or rosewater. Sandalwood paste is an effective means to treat acne at home.

Home spices: Fenugreek, Mint, Coriander, Cinnamon, Curry leaves and Turmeric

In popular practice, fenugreek is very effectively used for hair related problems. However, it is also used as a remedy for acne treatment. Both fenugreek seeds and fresh leaves are used as acne remedies: To use the seed, one may soak the fenugreek seeds with water for a day and they would start sprouting. Make a paste of these sprouts in a grinder adding the same water that was used for soaking the seeds. One may apply that paste on face and remove the same with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. It gives a refreshing feeling. If you have some leftover paste, do not throw it away nor store it for future use. Apply the paste on your hair. It is very good for hair. If you are using fenugreek leaves, then use it for acne only. Make a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and apply on your face. Many also like to add honey and some other substances with the paste. But fenugreek on its own is sufficient to reduce the pain of acne and provide relief.
Other spices such as mint leaves, coriander, Cinnamon and turmeric can also be used in the similar manner.
Let me discuss in some more detail about turmeric. It is a wonderful herb with dark yellowish colour. So, be careful while applying it on your face unless you want to look yellow. People might think that you are suffering from hepatitis if you go out with turmeric on your face. Although it has wonderful healing properties for wounds, the effects are best, especially for acne, when taken internally. To use turmeric, one may get some fresh raw turmeric, wash it properly, grind it to get o teaspoon thick paste and swallow the paste with some water. It is extremely bitter in taste, but it has wonderful health benefits. It can kill worms in your body, clears motion and give many more benefits apart from curing acne. In my town, fresh raw turmeric is available in the market. However, if you live in a big city away from farming locations, you may go for turmeric extracts. An additional benefit of turmeric is also its power as a pain remover. Since time immemorial, a glass full of turmeric, hot milk and chicken egg shake has been used as an immediate cure for body pain in Indian villages.

Nutmeg and Milk

Like sandalwood, nutmeg and mace are also useful natural products that are used in acne treatment. However, one may make a paste of nutmeg with milk for dry skin and water for oily skin.
There are many other natural ingredients used for acne cure. The ones highlighted are the most popular methods, however
While all these methods are believed to be useful, most of these traditional methods do not help directly towards curing of acne. Rather, they indirectly help the patient by providing immediate relief from the pain from acne and probably help in preventing spread of acne. However, should you face the acne problem, you should immediately go to a physician and consult her for helping you out in correcting hormonal imbalance.


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