Rice is only a filler

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Talks about the lack of nutrition in rice. but they still.

Cheap filling rice

Due to the fact some people are in the dark about nutrition, I write a small article about the nutrition of rice. Really it is about the lack of nutrition in one of the worlds most popular foods. I think its popularity comes from the fact it is cheap.

I don't know the exact number but millions of people world wide depend on rice as their staple food. Rice is known to fill you up and make you think your aren't hungry, mean while you are starving to death.

I have read the writings of a local coach here in the Philippines and a Filipino doctor that practices in Las Vegas, Nevada. They both had a lot to say about the Asians and Filipino's in particular, and their lack of a healthy diet.

The doctor said the entire eating habit of the Philippines needs to be changed. The life expectancy of a Filipino man is 52 to 55 years, and its all because of diet. They get diabetes from eating so much rice, because rice is a starch and turns to sugar in your system, hardening of the arteries is caused by too much fat and salt in the diet. That comes from eating dried fish and pork fat, the chiceron is deadly , it is one hundred percent fat. Eating a lot of animal fat causes cholesterol to go out of control, that plugs the arteries and will cause a stroke or heart attack.

He also said the people are too stubborn to change. The only way to change to eating habits of the country is to start when the baby is done sucking the mothers breast.

The coach made an interesting comparison, to make people realize how lacking in vitamins their diet is, the example he gave was to get the same food value from rice as ½ chicken breast, you will have to eat seven (7) cups. That is a lot of rice. Rice gives short term energy so your level goes up then down the you have to eat more to get more energy.

The starch in rice turns to fat on the backside especially of women. No man wants a woman with a fat backside.

Now I want you to remember this was said by two learned Filipino's who are both in the health business. I am just an old kano but I believe what these educated men have to say.


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started writing 2 yr ago, to help afriend with some research. i enjoyed it and decided i would do thi on my own, i still enjoy. i write alot of personal stories and health articles.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st May 2012 (#)

I live in Singapore and for Chinese, their staple food is rice. They stay thin despite having rice almost three times a day! siva

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author avatar Abdul Haye Amin
1st May 2012 (#)

Natural gifts of God, 'Rice' there is nothing I can see for our health any risks? 'Be proud of your self today' I also written a poems about rice. Thank for supporting farmers of rices!

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