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I lifted the title of this article off a chapter of a book and tape/CD by Dr. Robert Anthony called "Beyond Positive Thinking", but most of this material I am writing will have some "out of the box" originality that will be my own, so be forewarned. Some will like what I am about to say, some will not, but it will have the genuine benefit of being honest and from the heart.

Think about it and then pray on it, after all that, finally act on it

Every level up leads to the top and every level down leads to the bottom; as above, so below; as within, so without, and so on. Sure, you have heard it all before, again and too much, but the most important reality of life and existence we all must face is "winning or losing". The winner is right, and the loser is wrong. What do I mean by this if it is all relative?

When I say "pray" in the title, instead of panic in a situation, bless the situation patiently and look at it differently, because it may be an opportunity in disguise as a problem. Indeed, prayer of my kind is the most genuine discipline, for when you are patient and looking for the "silver lining in the gray cloud" or a genuine solution, you are getting rid of fear and panic and being genuinely courageous. The genuinely cowardly, go ahead and fear, panic and "play the devil's game" of it cannot be done anyhow, so worry, fear and "blow up".

So, start looking at it this way, the way up is the way out. The way down is the way under. The way up is to raise yourself up, the way down is to let yourself go down into panic and fear. The right thought may be the one that feels best, and has the best process and results, but that has to be earned and not given.

When I say earned, and not given, I am not Roger Moore or Sean Connery as James Bond the secret agent saying something as shallow as "shaken, but not stirred". I am saying something with human and real compassion without fictitious foolishness involved. So, a good reality is earned, and not given. A bad reality is shaken, stirred and fearful.

Good Taste in reality

Reasonable thinking and reasonable action is good taste in reality, all else has no class, so to speak. Why do I say that? Reality and reasonable thinking and action get things done, everything else is beating around the bush, stamp collecting and wishful thinking.

Have you ever noticed people "straight at the top without effort"? All they can go is sideways or down. If you have effort behind things and earned them, you (or anyone) are more likely to know what to do with them.

Sometimes, even I am tempted to want things without earning them. But, then I realize that earned is better than given any day of the week, because as my Dad used to say: "You appreciate what you earn more than what you are given free."

The "sweet music" of unearned praise and wrongfully placed "greatness"

When you receive the unearned, how do you feel? You start out feeling great and then you sabotage yourself or find ways to ultimately earn what you got free, don't you? Earned is the natural way to go really when really consciously thought about. Understanding genuinely a reality is like earning wealth instead of inheriting it easily. Sometimes too easily. We all love to win, but to really earn the winning, we need to train.

After all, would the "Dancing With The Stars" show have any genuine satisfaction if the mirror ball trophy was given without dancing for it over a season at least? Sure, that is somewhat of an apocryphal example, but think about it: The best tasting lobster is the lobster that wins the fight against another lobster, keeps both its claws in the fight without losing a claw to use part of one of Napoleon Hill's example's and one of my own. Indeed, one time I went to "Red Lobster" restaurant and actually saw a guy "order the winner" of a lobster fight for his date. There is the point, there is the reality. Be with the winner and all else will be added, if you know what I mean. It may have overtones of Vince Lombardi to it, but, it is reality nonetheless: Earn, have winning intentions genuinely and all else will be added.


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