Righteousness, a Right-yes-ness? - a poem by Uttik

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What is righteousness? Is there a universal code governing it? Here's an attempt at a universal definition.

Righteousness, a Right-yes-ness?

I watched as the old lady tried to thread a needle,
Shaky hands, the thread wouldn't go through,
Bends in the thread, it wouldn't go through,
Split-end, it would get stuck at the eye,
The hands seemed determined at resistance,
They seemed incapable of steadiness,
Yet the mind was determined,
The need was clear,
The will prevailed,
And in just that special moment of steadiness, the thread passed through.

So too with the novice,
When he swerved here and there from his path,
When he bent the rules,
When he split his mind in conflict,
His earthly chariot would move no further on its divine journey.
The flesh and its fickle master, would rather savor of idleness and bigotry.

Yet, the moon was full one day,
The novice uncoded order in nature,
He discerned nature within himself,
The mission of compassion to himself, stood out, above all else,
The tides quelled as though in respect,
The eyes closed to mark the solemnity of the occasion,
And a spotlight was turned within.

Now the chariot flew to the horizon faster than thought,
The desperate hands, from the roadsides, that tried to stop, were torn apart,
All forks on the road merged into a single path of light,
And lo!
The charioteer found himself,
In the slowest of subtle vibrations,
In timeless eternal motion,
In the stillness of spacelessness.


Dharma, Life Lesson, Spritual Poem

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