Robin Williams and Depression

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I discuss how depression and addiction affected Robin William comedian and actor and also discuss symptoms and treatment for all that suffer from depression

Robin Williams and Depression

One of the most beloved comic artists and actors of all time was Robin Williams. He committed suicide due to his struggle to overcome depression and addiction to alcohol. Robin once said that the worse thing in life is not to be alone, but to be alone in room full of people. That statement by Robin is one of the saddest things that can be said. Once you have lost that sense of connection, no hopes, or desires, nothing to strive for, you have seen the emptiness of the world of a person who is depressed. That person only knows the fear and terror that paralyzes one’s thoughts with no reason to get up in the morning, no reason to do anything cause life is not going to get any better. These were likely some of the feelings Robin had experienced. He was a hit actor, starred in many movies and stand up routines, one of Hollywood’s best. He made many fans happy. However, he didn't know how to make his self-happy. The illness overcame him.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 1-10 American suffer with depression. Depression is a mental illness that has affected almost everyone at one point or another in their lives. This disease affects every person differently, however; there are some common symptoms with individuals suffering with this disorder some of which are the following, prolonged sadness, sleeplessness, hopelessness, fatigue, mood swings, and lack of energy. Individuals with depression may lack interest in previously enjoyed activities, and withdraw from social settings. Severe cases of depression can often lead to suicidal thoughts.

This disorder can affect anyone regardless of your age, ethnicity, or economic class. Depression can be brought on as result of many daily life pressures such as follows:

*Work/career life
*Relationship concerns
*Death of friend or family member
* illness
*Financial problems
* Adversity, or other stressful situations

There are a variety of treatments for depression these may including therapy, medication, or altering lifestyle.

A physician or psychiatrist may prescribe an antidepressant drug or two if they believe the illness is caused by biological or environmental triggers. Some of the common drugs used for treatment include Prozac, Paxil, Soloft and Luvox.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is commonly used to identify faulty thinking, resulting from over generalizations, and misguided blame that depressed patients may have. Once these thought patterns have been identified the negative thoughts can be dealt with. The therapist can help the patient to resolve inaccurate feelings and concepts they have been learned in error. Sometimes this therapy is used with a combination of medications.

Other methods for treating depression might involve the use of support groups, diet, exercise, yoga, or involvement in new activities. If you know someone who appears to suffer with this illness refer them to their physician or a trained counselor to see what treatment methods are appropriate so the individual can return to a happy life.


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My wife and I have both had problems with depression, but for each of us it is different. I learned that for 1/3 of women depression and mood issues can be solved just by taking zinc supplements!

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