Root Canals - Everything You Need To Know

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Root canal procedure can put fear into anyone with a damaged tooth. This articles explains why, what and how the procedure works.

What You Need To Know About A Root Canal Procedure

Most people don't like going to the dentist. Still, it is a necessary part of keeping healthy teeth. But once one of our teeth becomes so problematic that it requires a root canal, then the average person worries even more and the best way to overcome this kind of anxiety is to understand more about the procedure. Here is what you need to know about a root canal procedure.

When Is A Root Canal Needed?

This treatment is needed because the tooth has become infected and badly decayed. When the dentist performs this procedure they will extract the nerve and remove the pulp and then clean the tooth and seal it. If this dental procedure is not performed, then the tooth is highly likely to become severely infected and eventually it will abscess.

The root canal itself, as the name would suggest, is the middle section of the tooth. The pulp chamber is soft tissue found in the same area. It is in this area that the nerve of the tooth is located. The nerve cell is only used to signal a person when there is a problem with the tooth itself. It is not something that is needed to maintain a healthy tooth. In addition to removing the nerve when a root canal is done, the dentist will also remove the pulp. This is actually what accumulates bacteria and allows the tooth to become infected and abscess.

How Does A Tooth Become Damaged Enough To Need A Root Canal?

Routine Dental visits and having a general check-up is one of the best ways to prevent the need for this type of procedure. But once a tooth has become excessively decayed or infected, then the only way to save the tooth is by doing a root canal procedure. Because this is a significant procedure that will require more than one visit to the dentist, it is a procedure that is only recommended for teeth that can't be saved another way.

Can The Procedure Be Done By My Family Dentist Or Is An Endodontist Needed?

An Endodontist is a specialist in the area of disease and treatment of the nerve and pulp of teeth. Often the procedure can be performed by either type of dentist but for severe cases, it may require seeking a specialist. Your family dentist will be able to discuss the choices and make recommendations for how you should have the procedure done.

How Will The Procedure Be Performed?

The procedure will begin by getting an x-ray which allows the dentist to see the shape of the canal. The dentist will usually numb the tooth. He will then drill a hole into the tooth with a dental drill and he will then remove the nerve and pulp as well as bacteria and other debris. He will use special files that help to remove everything from the canal.

Once the dentist is able to successfully clean the canal area he will then seal it. It is common for dentists to put medication inside the canal to make certain that all infection is removed before sealing the tooth. This may take up to a week before the final seal is placed. In certain cases where the dentist feels that the canal is thoroughly clean and without infection, he may choose to permanently seal it immediately. Whenever the dentist does not put a permanent seal on it immediately he will put a temporary seal.

In a final step, it may be necessary to put a crown on the tooth. The reason for this is that a tooth needing a root canal will usually have significant decay which may make areas of the tooth weak and a crown is used to strengthen the tooth. Now that you know the details it will hopefully be a bit less stressful having it done.


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