Royal Jelly and Diabetes

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A person suffers from diabetes when the body's level of blood sugar is always at a very high level.Recently another method of preventing diabetes is through the use of herbal supplements, and royal jelly is the recommended choice

Royal Jelly and Diabetes

Traditionally drugs are used to treat diabetes and suppress the blood sugar in the body. It is the only effectively way of controlling diabetes. However, once you have diabetes, you cannot really cure it. The drugs are used to control the symptoms and prevent other diseases. Therefore, it is important that a person does all that he can to prevent getting diabetes. One best method is a change of dieting habits. Foods which are high in sugar like sweets, desserts and chocolate must be eliminated.

Recently another method of preventing diabetes is through the use of herbal supplements. It must be reiterated that the herbal supplements can only work to prevent diabetes, not cure or control it. As said, if a person suffers from diabetes, the only course of action is to get medication.

One of the more effective herbal supplements in combating diabetes is royal jelly. This is a natural supplement containing many natural hormones. Royal jelly prevents diabetes from occurring in the person body by increasing the natural production of insulin in the body. Insulin which is produced by the pancreas is the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the body.

Royal jelly is a natural substance that is harvested from the bee colony. It is the food of the queen bee. Royal jelly is the creamy, white and extremely nutritious substance made by the bees for their queen. Without ingesting royal jelly, the queen bee is just an ordinary bee. It is this substance which makes the queen bee live longer and capable of producing about 2,000 eggs a day.

From a chemical point of view, royal jelly is a complex substance. It is very rich in proteins and contains all the necessary amino acids and minerals like acetylcholine and phosphorous compounds. Acetylcholine is the hormone that distributes messages from one cell to the next. Royal jelly is also high in vitamins and have most the known ones like vitamins A-B,C,D and E. It is very rich vitamin B-complex sources including inositol and folic acid. It is these nutrients which make royal jelly an useful herbal supplement in preventing diabetes.


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