Rugby And Concussions.

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Sports is a very good career option for today's youth since it has become a very good lucrative profession. A sportsman becomes a star overnight when he brings name, fame and glory to the nation.

The Dangers Of Sports.

When a sportsman reaches the pinnacle of success in his career what follows is accolades and appreciation. Accomplishments makes a sportsman reach a new high and the sense of fulfilment and achievement makes him more enthusiastic and he performs with renewed vigour even risking his life. Some sports such as rugby, football, hockey and cricket can cause some life threatening injuries out of which some may be cured after treatment while some injuries may prove fatal and result in instant death.
Games such as football, rugby, hockey and cricket can cause head injury known as Concussion. It is an injury caused to the brain when it moves abnormally in the skull due to the result of external violent hit. Concussions can cause dizziness, nausea and memory loss. If a person has suffered concussion it takes at least a week to recover. Temporary unconsciousness or incapacity can be caused by violent shaking. It may last for a few seconds or a few hours. There is no recognizable structural damage to the brain but repeated concussion may cause brain damage called Punch Drunk Syndrome. This is a group of symptoms consisting of progressive dementia, tremor of the hands and epilepsy. It is a consequence of repeated blows to the head mainly which is suffered by boxers which are severe enough to cause concussions. Renowned boxer Mohammad Ali suffers from Parkinson's disease due to repeated concussions suffered during his bouts of boxing.
If a sportsman suffers repeated attacks of concussion it may result in a brain disorder called Dementia. It is Chronic or persistent disorder of the mental process due to organic brain disease. It is marked by memory disorders, changes in personality, deterioration in personal care, impaired reasoning ability and disorientation. Footballers and rugby players are hit hard if there is a collision. These players died young due to a head injury and showed signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE which is also known as Boxer's Dementia. In the past even cricketers suffered from head injury due to bouncers. But, the use of helmets have reduced these injuries to a great extent but such provisions are not available in other games.
The rate of concussion suffered by players is highest in rugby. However, it is not considered as a serious problem among sports authorities. When a player suffers a concussion he is examined by the sports doctor. The player is asked certain questions like where is he playing and what is the name of the game and if the player answers it correctly he is included back in the game or else he is replaced by a substitute.
Brain damage can be caused by sub concussive blows. Players who headed the ball also developed degenerative brain disorders similar to concussions. Studies have shown that dementia is high among retired sportsmen like footballers, hockey and rugby than common people.


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A heavy price to pay for fame and wealth - nice highlight, Geetha. Yes, Mohammed Ali is a clear example - siva

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