Run as the World Sleeps

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There is no better feeling than running as the sun rises, when all is still, calm, quiet.

Early Morning

Rudely woken by my Blackberry's alarm tone, I roll over to check the time. 5.15 am, time to run. I get up, get dressed, tie my hair up and quietly sneak out of the house without waking the rest of my family up. My brain is still half asleep, which is probably a good thing, because that way it does not realize that I am fucking crazy for being awake at this ungodly hour.


The usual hustle and bustle of my neighborhood is non-exsistant as I start journey. I open my eyes to the beautiful scenery and the orange skies ahead of me. I open my lungs to the crisp, fresh air of this undisturbed dawn. All is quiet, all is still. I begin to think about how everyone is still fast asleep in their beds, dreaming and snoring while I am out, treading on the tar, feeling grateful for the beauty I am surrounded with. I love the quietness of the roads, I love being alone, I love that the global warming causing machines do not roam and pollute the roads at this time of day. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is peaceful. My mind wonders as I continue to step rhythmically on the wide, black paths. My lungs feel clean as I come to the end of my peaceful neighborhood tour. It is now time to take a long shower and get ready for the day ahead. When I leave the house again, it will not be the same.

Run while the world sleeps, it will do your mind and body good.


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One day I wish to write about all my travels and exploration of this beautiful earth I am yet to do, but for now I will write about everything else I know.

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author avatar jzguest
17th Feb 2013 (#)

Nice work. I love to trail run, but occasionally hit the roads, too. Not sure if you run with any devices, but if so, check out an app called endomundo; it an capture an incredible amount of information on your runs. Best of luck to you!

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author avatar A.H
17th Feb 2013 (#)

Hi Jason, yes I downloaded Endomundo on my phone while ago, it is so useful! Thank you so much for your comment. Best of luck with the trail running, I wish had more opportunities to run trail routes.

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author avatar LOVERME
17th Feb 2013 (#)

your are a lucky and plucky runner
waking up early morning,
the cement mountains are silent
the wind is all yours totally pure and pollution free..

but you run against time.. sacrificing your lovely sleep ,the world does sleep
but how glad am I
for you dear miladi
that you don't live
a RAPE city....

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author avatar jpcmc
20th Feb 2013 (#)

I can relate to this article my friend. I go out for work by 6 am. So I have to wake up a little over an hour for my morning exercise, fixing breakfast for my wife and getting ready for work. The fresh air in the morning is just heavenly.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Feb 2013 (#)

For the majority, sleep tales precedence! Thanks for an uplifting share but tough to emulate! siva

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