Running ...Away from poor Health

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Running ...Away from poor Health. Literally, if you can run without stressing you self, you will see that running keeps you away from poor health

Running ...Away from poor Health

Exercising keeps one fit and healthy is a know fact. People try that for sometime, gain the initial benefits and then gradually drift to a lifestyle which is not so salubrious at all !!!

Running, in a park, in a playground is a form of exercise which is one of the most boring !!!
You keep running all alone and that's it! You get tired you take rest ... and then you run again. I have been running for sometime now and find the following thoughts to share:

1)You don't need to have a partner to run
2)You can play this game all alone and with very little equipment (in fact running out in the open requires a good pair of shoes and light clothing only to begin with)
3)The moment you decide that you have to run, the flow of life begins. Seconds before that are the toughest... when the mind still wants to delay the running
4) When you start running, all thoughts gradually start to fall behind you. You enter another mind body space and start to get fresh thoughts,ideas, flow.
5) When you are pensive, life will answer the deepest of your turmoils during running
6)When you run, your lower body becomes active and you find that the brain starts getting relaxed. A relaxed brain produces better solutions to problems than a worrying brain
7) The mooladhar chakra, the base chakra, starts to get healthier and you start getting a belief that you can survive any kind of problem or calamity!
8)You become a friend of your own self. Your loneliness in running gives you a new companion and that is you. The "Running YOU" understands the "non-running YOU" and empathizes with him/her
9) When you run or even decide to run, you allow life to play with you. You know you will loose, but you still turn up to play. That's your acceptance of life. Its not winning, its in living. Its in showing up that you connect to the most primitive of human instincts. You have superceded that duality of winning & loosing and have decided to PLAY.
10) Trying to add another mile to your regular running is one of the most emotional moments. No one is there to cheer for you or pull you behind. You out of you volition decide to exert more and take that extra pain. No rewards, no motivation, other than the sole gratification that you can now run longer without breaking your breath.

.....Running just like that.


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