Running Tips Every Runner Should Know

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These tips are useful for anyone who runs on a daily basis and for those who are looking into starting a running routine as a way of exercising.

Running Tips Every Runner Should Know

Running is a great cardio exercise. It keeps you energized, helps you burn fat and most importantly, it enables you to maintain a healthy and fit body. When you are just starting out, it can be difficult to know how to go about it especially if you do not have a fitness companion to run with. This might lead you to give up on the exercise shortly after you have started.
There are however a number of running tips that can really come in handy when you are starting out. These tips are also useful for runners who want to improve their performance by running longer, to feel light during running and to avoid injuries.

1. Make it a Habit
A lot of people complain that they are unable to see results after running for a while. This is probably because most people run only 2-3 days a week and expect to achieve the same results as a person who runs every day of the week.

When it comes to running, consistency is the key if you want to see improvements in your weight, endurance, and even performance. When you run every day, you make it possible for your body to improve its ability to burn fat and at the same time, you get to teach you to mind how to overcome physical and other types of challenges.

2. Have a reason to run
If you are running because you saw a couple of friends running and decided it would be fun to join in, this is not a good sign. This is because the chances of you maintaining the running schedule are really slim since you started doing it because others were doing it as well. When it comes to running, you need to make it about yourself.
Run because it makes you feel energized, because it helps you burn more calories and takes you closer to your weight goals. When you make the reason to run all about you, you have a daily motivator to get up and run. This keeps you interested in the exercise.

3. Carry a Backpack
If you are a long distance runner, it is very important to carry a backpack on your run. The backpack should include some of the things you might need while on the road such as water, sun glasses, a phone, earphones and any other thing you think is necessary to have on the road.

You will need to know how to fit a backpack in order to ensure the backpack does not slow you down or interfere with your pace or performance. A great tip is to always ensure you carry only the really necessary things such as water. Limit your backpack to carrying a maximum of only 4 necessities.

+ Get Comfortable Running Clothes and Shoes
A sports bra is the first thing you need to invest in if you are a girl who is into running. This is because an uncomfortable bra has the ability to ruin your entire running experience since you will be able to feel the pain I your chest each and every step you take. It is therefore advisable to get a bra suited for your bust size and one that offers you maximum comfort.

Apart from bras, runners also need to invest in a good pair of shoes and socks. The socks are great because they provide protection against blisters and the shoes generally act as shock absorbers and also offer protection. Always make sure you get the best quality when it comes to running items. These play a significant role in whether or not you enjoy your run.

+ Keep a Workout Journal
It is very important to write down about your workout experience and how it makes you feel. Do this each day and make sure to include a colour code to distinguish which days you feel excited and which ones you do not.
This will enable you to know which days you should maximize on and which ones you should go easy on. For instance, if you notice that you do not enjoy your workouts during your period days, you can go easy on these days by running for a shorter distance.

+ Get a Foam Roller
Injuries to the muscles are inevitable when you are just starting out. This is because you are exposing your muscles to something they are not used to. These injuries are therefore expected. Most people prefer using static kind of stretching to deal with the injuries suffered during a run.
It is, however, advisable to use a foam roller instead. The foam roller is more effective in relieving the pain and make it possible for the injuries to heal faster compared to using static stretching.

+ Less Layering
A common mistake a lot of people make when running is putting on a lot of clothes when going out for a run especially in the morning. It is advisable to always dress as if it is about 15 degrees warmer outside than it is. This is because your body tends to warm up shortly after you have started running.
If you have too many clothes, it might ruin your running experience because you will be required to run for a long distance feeling really hot or carrying your extra clothes.

4. Run at your own pace
It is very easy to believe you are supposed to keep up with the fast runners when you are out running. It might be intimidating to see yourself behind all fast runners. However, it is very important to go at your own pace.
Pay attention to how your body feels when you run at a certain pace and find the best pace for you increasing as you get better. This will improve your confidence, minimize injury and most importantly, it will enable you to rise beyond your limitations.

In conclusion, running is a great sport for maintaining health, losing weight and improving body fitness. These tips are useful for anyone who runs on a daily basis and for those who are looking into starting a running routine as a way of exercising. Incorporating these tips into your running will not only help you improve your performance but also keep yourself motivated and energized during each run.


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