STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! Ghastly Animal Fights Sport! (Part 12)

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Like humans, animals lend themselves to aggression but only in matters of self-defense or self-preservation. This natural instinct in the latter is induced and stoked by the former in the arena of spectator sport. - Jamie

Savagery: The Enemy Within

During the course of evolution until the present age, man still retained remnants of primitive behavior responsible for his primeval survival. Cruelty, meanness, savagery. It is small wonder that wars are still being waged and fought such as civil wars and world wars.

In his spare time, the above named attributes are mirrored by spectacles that he watches on television and cinemas from which he derives so much pleasure: Mayhem and blood sport!

Since the time of the gladiators of ancient Rome, the "bloodthirsty' gene has remained in his psyche like known brutal sport. Boxing, Wrestling, Ultimate Fight, etc.

(Incidentally, it is worth noting, as if it were not apparent enough, that one powerful country has long arrogated unto itself the responsibility of maintaining global law and order - as a "world policeman" - and yet has achieved the opposite effect of causing instead regional conflicts that more often than not run the risk of the world teetering on a brink of another war!)

To be sure, the savagery among themselves is one thing. It is another thing to descend into subhuman category when they pit otherwise normally placid animals against each other in the name of sport!

Note: In this article and the next from hereon, we will use the terms "Man" and "Humans" interchangeably. - Jamie


Fowls like goose, duck, turkey, chicken, etc. have been bred and raised for food. It is a custom and tradition that animal rights groups bemoan and are up and arms over.

Of these birds, chickens -- roosters -- have had the tragic fate to be singled out to regale bloodthirsty humans by making them fight against each other to the death in a cockpit arena that is packed to the rafters by bettors. In the Philippines, the rooster that loses or gets killed in the encounter goes to the winning bettor -- to be cooked for food!


Now here is another animal exploitation and brutal abuse that likewise calls for all governments of the world to ban and CRIMINALIZE!

Dog Fights

Throughout the centuries, dogs have proven themselves "Man's Best Friend." Their loyalty to and love for their master is a sterling quality unmatched. These obedient and deferential creatures have been known to sacrifice themselves in order to rescue and save lives and property.

For humans, therefore, to exploit them to suit their bloodthirsty amusement and greedy desire for monetary gains is beyond horrifying and downright inhuman.

The following link takes the reader to a horrifying dogfight video, courtesy of Dailymotion.


The next feature will render one saddled with enormous grief!

Dog Versus Wild Boar!

It is incredible that humans can even summon into action a fight between two different species of sentient beings, a wild boar and a dog. That the animals are not evenly matched is evident but that does not detract from the fact that this should not be happening!

A wild animal being what it is, wild boars should be left alone in peace in the wilds, undisturbed. And it goes without saying, animals as docile and loving as domestic dogs, should be left in the care of benign homeowners who genuinely care for their pets.

Here is another video of this brutal sport.


In the end, the harrowing brutality and cruelty that is being experienced by these animals happens BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN! Hence, the complicity is an indictment of our society.

STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! (Part Five)

More similar articles to come.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Jul 2018 (#)

Thank you for sharing an article that the world needs to read. It is so sad what is done with animals. It's hard for me to read about the animals and to see the pictures. It makes me very sad.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
20th Jul 2018 (#)

Our dear friend, Nancy Czerwinski, what you say is so true and many Peoples would rather ignore what they "think" do not affect them directly, however, and as Jamie has so eloquently pointed out, the level of atrocities shall only end when the Peoples are educated to the point of understanding that their own silence does not excuse them from what happens around themselves, but only pronounces the crimes further with themselves, along with many more Peoples, involved.

You are so kind to always take the hours necessary to observe our presentation, speak to others of the crimes and also to leave your most welcomed and important comments.

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
20th Jul 2018 (#)

Thank you, our good friend, Peter, for the moderation and we always wish you a good and profitable day!

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
28th Jul 2018 (#)

Thank you, Peter, for the kind re-moderation and the star!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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