STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! (Part Four)

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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries

Creation Provides For Itself In Every Category, Wain, and Drift

Peoples do in no wise favour one Sentient Being over that of another for all belong to the same Creationary family as do each of ye Ones. These Peoples in the family of Creation well understand that.

The CREATION will give to you MORE than you could ever IMAGINE not only to keep you well fed, WELL SATISFIED and BENEFIT you and ALL NON-HUMAN SENTIENT BEINGS OF THE CREATION!


of looking after yourself as well as the NON-HU-MAN SENTIENT CREATION?

Watch For One Minute And Then...! You Will NOT Believe What You Hear From The Second Man...

Can a very short discussion about calcium be interesting? You decide. There it is in a nutshell.

Are you afraid to look around the corner of your food itinerary or should we call it non-vegan artillery or do you have what it takes to return to your real heritage and a vegan smorgasbord where the sky truly IS THE LIMIT!

BUT What About Protein?!

Do you really need to drink dairy milk, eat meat and eggs or is there another way?

Take note of these mens' faces.
You will notice a serenity, a happiness and a joy about their person. That is the soul of each man showing externally the contentedness of living and working within the Universal Principle of live and let live.

Or do you NOT CARE about another's pain and torturous life?

ANONYMOUS: Non-Vegan In Tears After Witnessing Meat, Dairy And Egg Production.

When one smokes cigarettes for instance one strives to ruin his or her own body, but when one eats meat then that one strives not only to ruin the health of their own body but those bodies of others; in this case the non-human Sentient Beings who have a right to enjoy life just as much as any one of you do.

Are any one of you of the Peoples of this the HUman race able tell any one of us WHY you should murder and eat and torture for their flesh, milk and eggs, any non-Sentient Being when you have at your fingertips the Original Way of Life = the Vegan Smorgasbord which was the way your Forefathers and Foremothers of which many of you, yourselves are through the reincarnational process, lived in perfect harmony with all Creation.

An Incredable Discussion!

Which death would YOU prefer? A question of morals?

Which living Sentient Being DOES NOT HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS?

Does this also mean a mentally-challenged HUman Being should not be considered worthy to live out his or her life?

We are sure you will agree this is an AMAZING discussion!

BUT What About Fish? Sealife? Are They Sentient Life?

Peoples, any living, breathing thinking ( remember the octopus) Beings are Sentient life and being Sentient life forms such as is the HUman H=Holy=moral and ethical; U=Universal meaning Belonging to the ALL or the CREATION, ALL do have a right to life.

Just because cultures differ throughout the world does not mean that one culture surpasses the other UNLESS those cultures take on the format of sadistic tradition which never was their own therefore deviating from the WAY OF LIFE of their Original Foremothers and Forefathers of the Federation who came and seeded this planet from other far and yet not so far off worlds, depending on the stratagem for arriving here long yet not so long ago.

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Rania, Jamie & Reni, thank you for sharing this article with the world. Your messages need to get out to the public. Congratulations on the Star at the top of your page. I believe you deserve every Star that you receive. I've learned so much from you and I'm thankful that you are will to take the time to share your knowledge with us.

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Good Evening, Nancy. You are always the first one to write the welcoming and thoughtful comments, for which we appreciate in no small measure.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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