STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! (Part Three)

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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries

Paradise Does Not Happen By Accident. You Have To Build It

"This world is a junkyard of broken ethics. - Reni Sentana-Ries"


In part three of our series in “STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your FOOD” we notice many readers seem to define “intelligence” and the “level of intelligence” to be a criteria and prerequisite for whether a non-human Sentient Being is worthy to be spared the torture and death by knife, hanging by the leg and dunked into a cauldron of boiling water alive, stunned and then skinned alive as though the animal, sealife, fowl or even bugs or wormlike creatures would not feel the terror and the pain of any of these.

If one is alive, one has a soul and a body, and one, no matter who or what that Sentient Being is – will feel joy, happiness, a sense of belonging.

However the opposite side of the coin will also see these same Sentient Beings to be forced to endure torture, terror and PAIN!

Do you understand us here?

Does your level of 'intelligence" at all cohabitate with your physical being and its desire to do well to other living NON-SENTIENT BEINGS?

That as yet remains to be seen, indeed.

The HUman Form Is NOT The ONLY Work Of ART!

As with great works of art laden with gold, bronze and silver, it will be nice when "ALL"are able to appreciate the living souls, those beasts of finer souls, the tender-hearted such as deer, rabbits, cows, and horses among other gentle ones.

Their lives are no less important than the lives of any of you and they need not continuously be reminded that they are thought of as less important than human Sentient Beings by having their races culled so heartlessly, so numerously, so merciously, and so sadistically by those savage and soulless ones who believe they are the true HUmans meaning H=holy=ethical and moral U=universal = all Sentient Beings without exception.

That is the difference of being not just for ALL SENTIENT BEINGS but being truely one of them.

Notation: Though this earthen plane is not as ancient as recorded in this video and even though the HUman Being has not evolved from other non-human Sentient Beings, the video portrays excellence in its debut considering the intelligence of other life forms whom were long yet not so long ago brought also to the face of this planet with the forefathers and foremothers, in vessels, test-tubes and dried waste.

The latter video we were not fond of, however, its attachment is to the first which is why we present it for your viewing, understanding, comprehension and education.

We all have a day to learn. We have ours and this is yours.

Well, If This Does Not Take The Cake! Many Thought They Were Just Pests!

Even those whom one may think have the brains the size of a pea, these also have an intelligence far greater than one might surmise.

After all how many of you
could survive in jungles, the wilderness, the cold and frost, the humidity or the rainforests, sleet and snow or deserted regions, without a helping hand from others of your kind?

The MENTALLY Challenged

"(Cattle Exploitation - Dairy - 10) This is Opie (whose picture is also in the left column) when he was left for dead at a New York stockyard. Opie's pregnant mother was taken to the stockyard and gave birth there. In this photo, Opie is only a few hours old, still wet from birth. His temperature was too low to read on the thermometer. Opie was rescued and taken to Farm Sanctuary, but others are left to die."

Mentally Challenged!
This is an interesting concept indeed for who in their right minds and of similar coherent address to themselves would boil, skin, cut limbs off or throw pitchforks into the soft udder of a cow, strip her from her baby at birth, tattoo, and conduct other countless atrocities and acts of terror and horror to another Sentient Being, no matter who they are or how they physically appear?

And what exactly gives these sub-humans THIS RIGHT? And where they seem to ENJOY IT!

Perhaps what you would call a demonic nature OR we may just call them the true MENTALLY CHALLENGED OF THE HU-MAN RACE!

Once you have been informed, Peoples, do not engage of yourselves in such atrocities knowingly by buying the end result of these traumatic HORRORS!

If You Care Then Why Won't You Do It?

Peoples, what is so difficult in your eating non-meat, non-dairy, and non-eggs in your average food consumption?

Is it just your lack of compassion or is it something more?

Could it be just your laziness and your complete lack of caring for Sentient Beings who do not fall in your category of "PETS?"

YOU DECIDE for you, and you alone know yourselves better than anybody else.

We are "curious" ourselves. What is wrong with you?

Those of you who fit in one or more of these categories praise your "Creator" and worship all he or she together have created,

for it takes the male and the female to procreate, unless you worship only the male as being sole creator of all which means that your "Creator" is a seahorse,

THEN YE ONES have already broken your trust with your "Creator" for you have promised to "honour" ALL which has been created and you were and still are EXPECTED to CARETAKE All Sentient Beings upon the very face of this earthen planet we call as being Angorius!


Be congenial with the animals, the sealife, fowl and every creeping and crawling Sentient Being, for it is a karmic journey you are on, therein, lend a HELPING hand to others whether they do so to you.

Though we are not made of the same and exact DNA for the DNA within each DNA are the life experiences, layer upon layer, layer within layer and layer intermingled within the physical body, however we do share the same texture, fibre and protein.

We do not leave you without choice for choices are the accomplishments and memories not only of the soul within your DNA but that of your physical body and your cellular formats which hold the physical remembrances and therein utilizing both together are your choices made.

But what indeed are those choices, but which path of experiences will you make and most important of all how will they influence others, and how will your choices affect others such as the non-human Sentient Beings of which a multitude would wish you no harm.

Good Afternoon, Good Morning, Good Day and to a sundry of you, Good Night!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Jun 2018 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article and bringing to light the deadly patterns that take place each and every day.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Jun 2018 (#)

Congratulations on the gold star at the top of your page.

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
18th Jun 2018 (#)

Greetings, our good and faithful friend, Nancy Czerwinski.

Thank you for pointing out "the deadly PATTERNS" which occur. We had not thought to include those words in addressing those realms. You are a contentious and clever woman, indeed.

Thank you for your two comments and we always watch for your insight upon each and every presentation, good friend. Have of yourself and yourselves a most pleasant day, night, evening and afternoon hours.

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
19th Jun 2018 (#)

Thank you, Peter, for the moderation and giving the page a star!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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