STOP Shopping At The MORGUE For Your Food! We Did! (Part 2) (Part 11)

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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries

You Can Turn The Clock Back!



Make Peace With Your Meat

No Enlightened God or otherwise gave animals to be abused, tortured and slaughtered for food.

You, the Peoples are herbivore and not carnivorous that is why you do not tear live beings apart with your teeth and find yourselves needing to cook the meat and spice it.

The spicing of meat was not necessary before the wars began. When the wars began in a great way the meat was few and rancid with maggots. There being little else to eat the Peoples ate the meat but first needed to salt and pepper it to get the green meat to taste somewhat palatable.

Many European Soldiers when in Sicily ate the only creature around and that was the little octopus. They turned them inside out and fire was out of the question lest they be seen and found by those whom they thought were their enemies.

Life was never as it is today save that of continuous wars.

Why Should Anyone Create Paradise For You When You Do This To THEM?!

Once upon a time, there was a period in this earthen planet's history whereby the peoples believed that if they ate the meat or a body part of a non-human Sentient Being that they would gain wisdom or muscles, great eyesight, a long life or any other attribute as was known or given to the animal, or the fowl, or the sealife and so on.

What the peoples missed, however, was to realize the fear which they also took into their bodies; the fear the non-human Sentient Beings felt with the knife at their throat or the arrow in their side or being run off a cliff as were the North American Buffalo, to cite an example.

After much cruelty
, the animals, the fowls, and the sealife began to withhold their voluntary assistance to the people and would not talk with them any more.

The peoples became angry and began punishing them even more.

The peoples you see had a little remembrance of the workings of DNA and cellular transplants of organs and yes, even limbs of people which in the beginning were grown and grafted into the person from DNA taken from the child, man or woman when they were young or just born.

However, that DNA was never taken from non-human Sentient Beings and grown into parts and grafted into the HUman Being either as an organ on the inside or a limb or skin on the outside.

So when you support such atrocities as that which you find in the picture above you are evolving backward and such temperance is one of insanity for you are a species all of your own and you are to evolve as such and not lag behind simply because you do not remember your heritage nor that of your first landing upon this world we call as being Angorius, for all the worlds have been of themselves given a name and not called as just "earth" for "earth" is dirt or soil and that is only one little part of this world we once made into a Paradise for the each and every one of you. - Uthrania

This IS NOT The Right Type Of IRON - Anyone Got A Magnet?

Peoples, if you think this video does not belong in this PRESENTATION, YOU ARE VERY CORRECT.



Vegans Can Make Them All

YOU do not need THIS EITHER:

In the first seeding of this planet when your forefathers and foremothers came to this world your nutrition was and always was meant to be plant-based of which every particle and type of meat was created. The Vegan meat tasted the same as the real meat of any non-human Sentient Being and the texture was impeccable.

Ye Ones, today, are regaining your heritage so make sure the non-human Sentient Beings regain theirs under the stewardship of your caring and compassionate sub-conscious and conscious remembrance of your True heritage from other planets and worlds.

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