Safe Driving in the Snowing Winter

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Winter season has got its own beauty. Covered with the white blanket of snow, winter weather may be a time of fun and snow games. Children enjoy snow weather in various ways. But snow weather brings many hardships for normal life and health.

Driving hazards of snow weather and some safety tips

Snow may be a season of fun and games. Children like to run out, as soon as they are off from the school. They like playing in snow, tossing snowballs and building snow houses. For skiers, winter is the most awaited time of fun.

Driving hazards of snow weather and some safety tips

1) Driving in snow weather is the most challenging hazard in winter. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US, about 120 people die every day in vehicle crashes during the winter season. Snowfall in winter causes treacherous road conditions which cause many accidents.

2) Driving in snow needs special care and alertness. One should be aware of the dangers of weather conditions before taking the risk of driving in snow weather.

3) While it is snowing, the visibility of the road is very poor. The falling flakes of snow impair visibility completely. The inclement weather may cause any obstacle to driving.

4) Before starting the vehicle, the road should be cleared. Snow shoveling is a tedious task of winter. But it is very essential for safe driving.

5) The road turns to be slippery. The vehicle should be outfitted to reduce risks of slipping and sliding. Snow turns into ice and causes the vehicle slip from the road.

6) It is wise to avoid driving in snow, especially during snow storms. Snow after the snowstorm makes roads slick. In such conditions it is prudent to wait until the snow-clearing teams salt, plow and clear the roads.

7) The snow from the windshield should be cleared often. So also the side mirrors and windows should provide you clear view. Using a washer fluid will antifreeze and activate your washer jets and wiper blades.

Alert driving in snow

8) When you find the weather is inclement, reduce your speed. It may be difficult for you to stop or do any rescue work when you are confronted by great obstacle. High speed driving increases risks.

8) Always leave enough room between your vehicle and another vehicle.

9) Driving too close to other vehicles which is called tailgating is the cause of most of the accidents even when there is no snow or hazardous weather. Winter weather makes it more difficult in such situations to apply brake and avoid collision.

10) In case of skid, do not get panic and slam on the break which will make it worse. Be calm and let your vehicle naturally slow down as you turn the wheels.

11) There are special tyres for snow which have softer rubber compounds and have special tread pattern that provides better traction in snow. These tyres retain flexibility in cold weather.

Winter season is hazardous for driving. But in necessary cases vehicles should be driven very carefully. Speed driving should be avoided. The driver should be very alert to face any hazardous situation.


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5th Jan 2013 (#)

Thanks for the tips vpaulose, very informative.

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6th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you dear Star

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7th Jan 2013 (#)

just a few more weeks to go, can't wait for spring, cheers!

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author avatar vpaulose
7th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you Robb.

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author avatar Ptrikha
28th May 2014 (#)

Good tips for driving in snowy weather. Have you yourself driven in such a place?

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author avatar vpaulose
29th May 2014 (#)

I do not know driving.

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