Safe and Natural Home Remedies for Treating Kidney Stones

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Alternative safe and natural treatment for kidney stones.

Safe and Natural Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be defined as the painful mineral deposits which can accumulate on one's inner part of their kidneys and there are several home remedies for kidney stones that one can undertake to treat this condition. According to Mayo Clinic, most or many kidney stones don't usually require or need hospital medical treatment.Various natural remedies and treatments can be implored and used to alleviate the pain and also make the stones much easier to pass. Only a professional doctor should evaluate and examine the large kidney stones, those which are difficult to pass. Kidney stones can be caused many factors, they can be genetic or even environmental. They are much more prevalent in males/men than women though they can occur to anyone.

If you have ever had to deal with recurring kidney stones condition then chances are that you are well familiar with the many prescription medications that are used for its treat them like homeopathic remedies among others.Nevertheless, if you still have the problem you can try using natural remedies to cure those stones.

Steps on how to deal with Kidney Stones.
-Always drink lots of water. Water is known to be one of the best natural defenses which the body has that helps against the formation of kidney stones and the easiest kidney stones home treatment remedy. It cleanses and detoxifies the body system of all the impurities which may otherwise cause or lead to build up and formation of stones in the kidney.Medical doctors advice drinking at least 2 or 3 quarts of water a day. You should note that clear or pale urine signifies proper hydration while dark or bright yellow urine signifies dehydration.
-Eating foods which have a high magnesium mg to calcium C ratio is another one of the natural remedies for kidney stones.Foods like brown-rice,soy, oats and bananas normally help in preventing and loosening kidney stones. -Flax-seed oil is also known to help in reducing the amount of calcium C in the urine thus protecting against the condition. Potassium K also fights calcium C crystallization,(this crystallization is what normally leads to the stones formation).
-Consuming oranges, yogurt,broccoli and tomatoes are also one of the great home remedies for kidney stones since they have high levels of potassium K in them. Their fiber usually helps in binding oxalates present in the body's digestive system thus preventing stones from getting worse. Patients with the condition should have whole-grains,like wheat so as to maintain a good diet which is rich with a high helpful fiber content.Whole-grain wheat is also known to be a great source of zinc. Zinc helps stop the minerals present in the urine from forming stone or crystallizing.

-Herbal remedies.Use of herbs is among the natural remedies for kidney stones that one can use at home. Most herbs don't really have any side effects, however all patients should first check with their own doctors before trying or beginning use any natural remedies for kidney stones. Herbs like corn silk and bear berry diuretics are a form of homeopathic remedies which usually make passing stones easier. Kavakava and Crampbark herbs have an anti-spasmodic and relaxing properties or traits that help sooth the pain and also relax the muscles and tissues around and near the urinary tract.Another herb 'Khella' normally relaxes the tissues in the ureter which makes it easy to pass small stones. Gravel-root herb, the stone-root and the seven-barks are also other herbs which can be used in kidney stones home treatment.


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