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You might have just bought one a few days ago for your kids but now you learn that playing with it can be dangerous to you and your kid’s health. Know more about the ill effects of lead in our body.


Not play with toys? It’s like a nightmare, right? You might even have just bought one a few days ago for your kids but now you learn that playing with it can be dangerous to you and your kid’s health. And it might really spoil the fun because they already have their own toy collection. The paints of some of the toys are composed of lead- a chemical that can harm developing brains of your kids. Lead can also reduce IQ and can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

Well, you will not catch all those by just playing with toys but if they have bitten off one or pick off and put them in their mouth, they can be exposed to pieces of paint. You may be wondering what you can do, just make sure that you children don’t play with toys using their mouth. Washing their hands after handling toys will also help a lot. Still scared? Remember, toys are not the problem but the lead that some of these objects are made off.

Health disaster

Lead poisoning affects the health of some group of people more than others. Developing countries have intolerably high levels of lead in the atmosphere because the oil companies persists in selling heavily-leaded petrol-at much higher levels than they do in the most of the industrialized countries.

You might be surprised to know that people who live and work on the streets where traffic is dense is more prone to lead poisoning.

Kick-off the Hazards

And important way to prevent lead poisoning is to discourage kids from eating or chewing on items which are not food because they can contain lead. Eat a nutritious diet with plenty of foods that are high in iron and calcium. Kids who are undernourished can absorb more lead into their body than children with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Ways to prevent lead poisoning

1. Keep your home clean and free from dust. The best way to clean up lead dust is to regularly mop your floors wet, wipe windows ledges, and wash all surfaces with water and household detergent.

2. Take off your shoes before entering the house. Make sure they are wiped well on a doormat outside the house. This will help prevent lead dust and soil from getting into the house.

3. Change out some of work clothes and take a shower before coming home if you work with lead in your job. Lead dust brought home on the clothes of workers can spread in the house and poison children. Lead is used in many work places such as radiator repair shops, battery manufacturing plants, and lead smelters.

4. Never sand, burn, or scrape paint unless you know that it does not contain lead.

5. Test painted surfaces for lead in any area that they plan to remodel, before the work begins. If the work is not done the right way, lead dust can scatter and poison the family and even your pets.

6. Practice healthy eating habits. Healthy meals as a diet may take it harder for lead to harm you. Eat lots of fruits and vegetable as well as calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, corn tortillas and iron-rich foods such as meat, chicken, iron-fortified cereals, raisins, and dried fruit.

7. Wash your hands often especially before eating.


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Good health warnings about the dangers of lead.

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