Schizophrenia: A More Common Than You Know Illness PART 1

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This is an article to raise awareness of the invisible mental illness called Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Awareness

Schizophrenia can be a nasty word and if you have dealt with someone who has this disease it can be a very daunting experience. You want them to just come back to reality. You want them to do better for themselves and try to think normal.
Normal, what is normal. Is normal what the majority of what the fake celebrities and leaders say is normal. Family and friends of people who suffer with this mental illness also live in a 'fantasy' world if they believe this person will behave and think like them one day.
God makes everyone different for a reason. In life you have to accept people for who they are or leave them be. If you are a true family or friend you will not just leave them be because you love them. So you have one option accept them for who they are and guide them so they are safe.
People who have schizophrenia really believe wrong is right and right is wrong is some cases. Example: A young man with this disease on expressed that he robbed people and stole things but he didn't believe it was wrong. He knew what other people thought of it but it wasn't what he thought of it.
I have experienced schizophrenia in my life because I have it, my uncle had it, and I had neighbors who had it. Each of the neighbors I had the misfortune of meeting where also abusing drugs and their prescription drugs. They were neighborhood troublemakers; they were always getting into fights and confrontations with people. Once people learned of their mental illness in the neighborhood they would ignore them when they tried to start a fight or argument.
My uncle had it severely plus he had severe retardation. His dad, my grandfather, hit him in the head with a garden hoe when he was a child that made him have retardation. We believe it led to his schizophrenia as well. He walked up and down the street constantly and he always talked with people who wasn't there. It always seemed like a crowd of people were around him wherever he went.
I also have been diagnosed with this disease but my case is not as severe as most people. I understand the difference between right and wrong but as I got older I made threats and saw things other people didn't see and heard things other people didn't hear.
There are a number of ways to treat this disease but unfortunately no cure from medical doctors but I have a found in a spiritual format. Prayer, meditation and my belief in God has kept me on a peaceful path in my life.
People who have this disease also suffer from anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and psychosis.
Schizophrenia is simply defined as thoughts and behaviors not in reality. They can lose interests in daily activities and have problems with concentration, focus, and memory.
Treatment for this disease varies but the person can go to individual or group support groups, rehabilitation, cognitive therapy, psychoeducation, family therapy and seeing a psychologist is recommended.
Experiences of people who have this disease can have social isolation, excitability, amnesia, delusions, lack of restraint, hearing voices, self-harm, confusion, or belief that an ordinary belief has special and personal meaning for them.
Anti-psychotic and anti-tremor drugs can be prescribed.
Even though this is a disease that requires from the care givers much patience it is a livable disease. People with this disease need understanding and care. Fortunately for me I have people who encourage me to write and help me to write when I am unable. Writing has been a greatly important outlet for me to helps me to express my feelings in a positive way.

A great website to learn about the history of schizophrenia is

I hope this article gives a good motive to learn more about this invisible disease.



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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Dec 2016 (#)

Sorry about your ailment. We know the mentality of bringing it in others but the truth is seen when you are not on medication. Good luck.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Dec 2016 (#)

Sorry about your ailment. We know the mentality of bringing it in others but the truth is seen when you are not on medication. Good luck.

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