Second Spring

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We are what we choose to be, if we think ourselves too old, too bitter, too tired...then we can choose something else.

A Funny Feeling

The past year has been a time for discovery, or more aptly put, rediscovery. I found myself, at fifty, squarely on the first step of middle age. There was no fanfare, no flights of doves or trumpets to herald my arrival, just a vague sense of expectancy, a strange feeling that my life was not half over, but on the verge of some new beginning.

All out

I recall something I heard somewhere, or perhaps it was the specter of a thought I once had; that we spend the first half of our lives learning how to live, and the next half, truly living. Thoughts of relevancy, or my standing alongside the Joneses began to fade, replaced by a sunlit landscape of possibilities.


The business of earning a living and raising a family, while not at an end, was beginning to move to the side, making room for a new dynamic. It was as if I were casting the hats of my many occupations to the wind from a great height, and watching them float away, with but the slightest breath of regret. It was liberating and terrifying, and oh so very sensually exciting. A change was coming about within me, and a world that I had once known so intimately, was beginning to assert itself again.

Direct Connect

It came in as the whisper of a lover, barely audible, but perfectly intelligible. “Look around,” it whispered, “See… not with your eyes or your mind, but with your heart.” It began a process of learning to look through the eyes of my heart again, the perception of my world coming into focus, in a way almost but not quite forgotten.


Eyes that had filtered and critiqued for so many years, were now seeing the world with much greater clarity, piercing the illusions of the day to day. I began to see it as a place that was not grinding down my spirit, but indeed willing to lift it up, if I would only let it. Love, in all its glory, began to peek out at me from behind the curtain, of what I had somehow allowed to become a skewed perception of reality.


Passion waltzed its saucy strut back into my life, in the form of new romance. Enhanced, and allowed to run free, it instructed me in the futility of the thoughts we use to abuse ourselves in the dark hours of our uncertainties. Although difficult at first, after all, the light can be far more terrifying as it illuminates the unknown; I learned to navigate with in it again. It helped me to cast fear aside, and allowed hopeful expectation to plot the course of my movements, material or spiritual. Also allowing the realization, that they are one in the same.

Espiritu Libre

The process of liberation from the predetermined pattern of a so called normal life, was the sculptor's hand, that patiently, carefully, and sometimes not too gently, shaped the person I am today. Without it, I would not have rediscovered my passion for living, and at a time and place in life where I should be firmly set on the relentless shuffle towards the grave, I find myself at a new beginning, a second spring and my perspective is renewed.


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