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We cannot stop aging process but we some little efforts we can slow it.

Look younger

It is dream and desire of most of the persons to looks younger forever. Most of you are agree with me, that it is not possible to stop aging process. Aging process is natural change and we cannot avoid it. The only way by which we can look younger than our age is slowing down aging process.
Now it is question that can we slow down time and aging process? Yes it is right that we cannot slow down speed of watch but we can slow down aging process by applying some disciplined in our life.
Secret of slowing down aging process is hides in these simple 10 steps. You can appear younger if you follow these 10 steps.
Toxin free body
Metabolism system of body is able in cleaning and eliminating toxin from our body, but it has limit. Because of impure air and food we exposed to umpteen chemicals in our daily life. Fasting or only eating organic vegetables and fruits are very helpful in cleaning toxin from our body.
Sleeping habit
Our skin is an important element in looking younger. Plenty of sleep renews old and damage cells of our whole body including our skin. Our skin looks fresh and young if we getting sufficient sleep. Six to eight hours every day is enough for a healthy person.
Eating habits
Healthy diet and food is must for slim, healthy and youthful body. For non-vegetarian it is better for them to consume fish then red meat. For vegetarians fiber meals, seasonal vegetables, fruits and milk products and honey are essential ingredients to consume. Smaller amount of caffeine products like coffee and tea is useful.
Work out
With daily work out we can full of energy and self confidence. With routine work out we can feel better. Work out strength our bones and density of muscles. With work out we can look fifteen to twenty year younger than our age. Using stairs, swimming, walking is simplest mode of workout.
Tension and stresses is enemy of our health. By staying relax we can look younger. Sing of tension always appears of our face. It is not possible to avoid completely to stresses and tension. These are part of our life. With help of meditation we can control on our pressure and our face will appear younger and charming.
Positive attitude
To success in life we should have positive attitude and attention. It is fact that in most of cases negative attitude is cause of failure. With continuous failures we loose of confidence and all these make us looks old and less charming. Meditation and yoga is best one method to avoid negative thinking.
Social life
Social life is mirror of our life style. Joyful social life enhance span of our life. Interaction with friends', family members', community colleagues and others may bring happiness and happiness is mantra of happy and joyful life
Regular health checkup
Our body is like a machine and vehicles. To keep it fit and ok routine medical check-up is essential to diagnose illness with in time. To function perfectly our body requires attention and treatment.
Watch results
Check body weight, is it in control? If not make sure to maintain ideal weight. Check nails, skin hair and teeth at regular interval. It is must because they might expose our age. To improve results, always feels good and looks good.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
15th Jan 2015 (#)

These all add up to one terrific exterior if done the right way. Toxins are big. Getting rest, relaxing and living stress free are also major contributors to a young body. Great work.

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