Seek Nature to Cure your Constipation

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Constipation is a commonly found complication of the computer era. Elimination of excreta is an essential part of health. But the modern lifestyle which is more sedentary and the continuous use of antibiotics has made constipation an inevitable problem today.

Seek Nature to Cure your Constipation

When we approach the Ayurvedic and Siddha physicians, the first question they ask after looking at our eyes and tongue is, “Did you have motion or bowel movement today?” All the ancient medicinal systems consider constipation as the root cause of most of the diseases. Elimination of excreta is very important to maintain our health. But constipation commonly complained health hazard in the modern society. It is the byproduct of modern lifestyle. There is no short cut to cure constipation. It has to be cured by living by the nature’s laws.

Why constipation?

Lack of sleep, sedentary work, over seating, foods short of fiber, lack of exercise, use of alcohol or intoxicants, overindulgence in sex, mental tension, depression, over use of antibiotics, etc. are some of the common causes of constipation. A study by some American doctors points out that whenever there were crashes in share prices, many of the stock brokers suffered constipation!

Nature is man’s reliable physician

Nature processes normal digestion and intestinal function through the normal bowel movement. The longer the waste remains in the colon, the more toxic the bowel environment becomes and causes greater chances for various diseases.

Man is created by nature to have a healthy life by nature. It has provided fruits, nuts and vegetables to maintain his normal health. All kinds of artificial food which are commonly found in modern world such as fried foods, pickles, etc. abet constipation.
Nature suggests normal work and adequate rest. But modern man, greedy after wealth, works without rest and is prone to constipation.

Nature’s tips to cure constipation

1) Nature suggests having normal food habits to avoid constipation. That means one has to change the modern food habits drastically.

2) Naturopathy advises that one should consume food only three times a day: breakfast with fruits in the morning, lunch with raw and boiled vegetables, rice with buttermilk in the noon and vegetables and light food for dinner at night. As per the advice of a physician, one more light food can be added in the evening to sustain energy.

3) The combination of food one consumes is equally important to maintain a healthy bowel movement. Foods rich in fiber should be added compulsorily.

4) Foods that cause fermentation taken along with food items such as meat may cause putrefaction and inevitably induce gas trouble and constipation.

5) Nature suggests us to maintain proper balance of work, rest and sleep. If your career does not require much physical labor, you should do some physical exercise. Yoga and mediation are good for maintaining relief from stress and depression.

6) Naturopathy suggests fasting with proper guidance to cure acute or chronic constipation. Fasting should be accompanied and ended by fruit juices.

7) A combination of both fiber and bacterial probiotics is necessary to get proper bowel movement. Most people are familiar with psyllium-based fiber products, but it is not enough for those who suffer from constipation. Those who do not get enough fiber in their diet may supplement it, because sluggish bowel transit time is a major risk factor for colon cancer and other degenerative diseases.

8) Whole grains, that can sprout if soaked in water, can be helpful to the patients having constipation problem. Most of the flour products, made primarily from the refined grains, turn into a pasty substance during digestion and they have to absorb too much water from the bowel which is a common cause for constipation. This can be balanced by taking more fruit juices and pure water.

9) If the bowels are not moving well chronically, colon cleansing can be done with proper guidance of a physician. It is also considered as a natural process of the naturopaths.


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Thanks for that very "yuccky", but useful, page

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Yes, thanks for sharing...very informative.

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Regular and proper exercise is also very important aspect to avoid constipation.

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