Self Help or Shelf Help??

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Do you buy self help books, read them and not take heed of the information you read? Do you find that despite buying books, your life remains the same? Are your books shelf help books?

Self Help or Shelf Help?

I was chatting about Non Violent Communication recently . Someone in the group said, ' oh isn't that the thing by Marshall Rosenburg?'.

A couple of other people chimed in with, ' oh yes I read that book too. It was wonderful and so hopeful'.

When I asked them if they had done anything about bringing NVC into their lives none of them had.

The book had stayed on their shelf, it had been read, but the life changing ideas inside had not been embraced and embodied. It was as if they thought, ' read that one, can cross that off the list and just by reading it I'll get closer to understanding the meaning of life'.

It got me thinking about 'shelf help books'.

How many people buy all the right books, and sometimes also read them, expecting the mere exposure to the words to be enough to make important life changes happen? Do you remember Bridget Jones, in the film carrying her name? Despite reading self help books, that were meant to show her how to make the life changes she longed for, she still wasn't able to find the sort of life she thought she wanted.

When no change and nothing happens, what has happened in the reading process? Does the information stay on the page and outside our hearts? I wonder if this makes it more difficult for us to really embody and embrace the process of change that will occur when we start to make internal changes?

How can we shift the focus from shelf help to self help? How can we use books as a tool for self change and learning?

Maybe the idea is in the term 'self help'. We have to do the work, and we have to start with ourselves on the inside. Reading the book alone is not going to be a magic alchemy trick that will bring about change. We have to do the inside work, feel the pain and work through it to get to the solutions that are there. This is the art of self help.

The books are a guide to light the way along the path, yet if we don't take the step of radical self responsibility to make changes the self help remains shelf help.

Next time you buy a book how are you going to read it??

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