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Self Help is the inner strength of the body and mind of oneself to face the challenges encountered in life. Self Help makes the man self confident to overcome the difficulties faced in life without the help of others. A man can not prosper in life if he or she does not follow the principle of self Help on his or her own way.


Everybody wants success but not all achieve it. Success depends on his own strength but not on others. One who depends on his self interest to get the works done is self sufficient in mind and spirit. One of the reasons is that there are men who do not exert themselves, but depend on others . But self interest is the best incentive to work if this interest does not prompt us to do our own works for our own good, we cannot expect others to sacrifice their interests to bring that good to us. Moreover , a work done for others is not generally done so well as a work done by a person himself. Besides , dependence on others destroys self confidence and does not allow the faculties to develop .The result is that we fail in life. So the Self Help is the essential attribute in life to achieve success. Without it man can not proceed further in life. This attribute should be cultivated since school days. The school children should be motivated in such a way that they should not wait for their works done by others. It is needless to say that God helps those who help themselves. They should be given proper training so that they follow the principle of developing their self interest. to do the works. Thus they develop their self confidence to face the challenges in life. It goes without saying that those who do not follow the principle of self help are very lazy and ruin their career and does not achieve success in life .It is hard fact that there is none who can help him achieve success without his own efforts.

Why is self help so important in life?

Self help makes the man industrious in life. An industrious man knows how to achieve success without waiting for any body's help. Sustained effort to get the works done is the only motto. It may be safely said that a lazy man cannot prosper in life. He will falter and fail to the ground. He can not aspire for a glorious life. in future. Self help is the good habit to be cultivated in life so that he may pick up the right thread . Initially he may be puzzled and confused that he may not be able to finish the job. If somebody comes and helps him to steer clear the hurdles. Now he has to devote his own energy and efforts to overcome the difficulties. In this world it is very difficult to attain success in any field. Success can be achieved only by pursuing one's aim with steady application and indomitable courage , and without losing heart at failures. It is often seen that one success promptly and easily leads to another. When somebody acquires in any field of life and earns a name,,his progress in general,or success in life in all its various spheres,comes as a matter of course This holds good for men and women in all professions. It has to be borne in mind that success in life is not accidental .It can only be achieved through hard labour perseverance and resolution .


A well known story of Hercules and the carter gives us lesson of Self Help. A cart got stuck up in mud. When the bullocks failed to drag it out ,the carter prayed to Hercules for help. The God came ,but instead of doing anything himself , He told the carter to put his shoulder to the wheel . This was done and the cart moved on. Indeed no God or Goddess will come to our help if we do not help ourselves.


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