Self-Hypnosis, The Theory, Realistic Practice & My Understanding of the Subject

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This will be an informal treatise on a subject I use on a daily basis and how it affects my life and also other people's lives in so many ways.

The Altered State Experience

I know this is going to initially sound kind of "funny" coming from someone writing about self-hypnosis and hypnosis. But, I do not believe in hypnosis. Self-hypnosis, I know definitely exists though. Let me explain: You see, all suggestion is what we allow into ourselves, and cannot act upon us from outside of ourselves. When we act accurately on a suggestion placed into our minds, that is an altered state experience we have allowed to happen within ourselves, not anything made to happen from outside of ourselves. So, I will now phrase the third sentence again more accurately: Self-hypnosis and the altered state experience definitely exists.

In that sense, I definitely give The Amazing Kreskin or George Kresge, Jr. credit for some of the ideas I have on altered states and hypnosis, because self-controlled idea orientated mentalism is a more accurate name for the science, not a variation on the Greek term for sleep or hypnosis.

In short, many people do not know their power, or extent of actual control they have over themselves. All this extended control is really in all fairness is an altered state of consciousness, not anything from outside the subjective reality.

If I said something like "The hypnotist has all the power" that would be fraud, because each conscious person has this mental control over themselves really. All that has to be self-induced is an internal altered state to expand these abilities, not a "hypnotic state" from outside of yourself.

Realistically speaking, we are in power even when we think we are not.

From what I have just told you above, you and I can assume many things. But know this, if we take enough control of ourselves, we can awaken real power and control. But depend on "things" outside of ourselves, we can control or do nothing actually, think about that fact.

To take a line from a song of The Doobie Brothers: "The wise man has the power."

What does that mean? The wise person knows where the power is, and genuinely accesses it, while the unwise person thinks that the power lay outside of themselves.

"The wise person has the power." Of course, the song title is "What a fool believes" and the whole song shows this understanding of reality well, although like William Ernest Henley with his "I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul", it is shown in a poetic way that seems not to make sense. Realistically speaking, for good or bad, we are in power of our own lives even when we think we are not in power. But when we know the facts fully, realistically and succinctly, how can we not have the power, be in power and understand genuinely?

This power is not something outside of us, it is our birthright, lock, stock and barrel.

Naturally, we are winners in life and existence, not losers. But when we accept the lies, we become them. When we accept natural reality, we genuinely blossom into that. The mind and the spirit in this respect are empowered by the reality that we control ourselves, nothing outside of us controls us. For those that are more spiritual oriented God or the source of it all gave us genuine free will.

Even if people arrogate, we can choose to do what they say or not really, as we think our own thoughts always. The choice is really in our court, but all that is outside of us is persuasion, not being forced genuinely to do something. Indeed, we do have the genuine power to control ourselves if we really want to. That is the bottom line.

If you want to go, take yourself there. If you do not want to go, avoid that at all costs. You have a choice to follow the persuasion or not. Oh, there will be sections added, but I end this section here to give you time to think about how to claim your power and free will really.

A little about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reiki

Recently, I read and commented on an article on Reiki, so, I thought up this quick little section on spiritual healing and mental power a.k.a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reiki. Spiritual healing and mental energy are one in the same but simply different levels of the same energy. The way I look at it is that when you are using one, you are using them all in some way. It is all connected, only Reiki is more direct, while Neuro- Linguistic Programming comes through the mind but is not of the mind or spirit. In short, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a toolbox, while Reiki deals directly with the energy.

When I think about energy and healing though, the path is just the path, what you do with the path is most important in every way. It comes down to a simple fact for me, do good and you will reap good results, do bad and you will get bad results. Me, personally, I prefer to do good for myself and others no matter what it may cost immediately, because in the long run it is good for me. I know, that sounds sort of like the old George Jean Nathan statement of "I think of myself first, last and all of the time", but what is real and honest is real and honest as the facts are the facts and the ball must be played where it lays in a way.

Sure, in many ways reality and energy are fluid, but they always work by the law and definite laws that cannot be broken even by the slickest, worst cheater there is ultimately. For, when you break the law, the only person you are cheating is yourself, nobody else is being cheated. Likewise when you follow the law, the only person you really benefit is yourself. Thus the import of guidelines like Reiki and Neuro Linguistic Programming that define the use of the laws of mind and spirit. So, that is my "short", but soundly realistic commentary on mental and spiritual technology such as Reiki and Neuro Linguistic Programming for now.

On those two subjects (NLP & Reiki) I would also like to say this:

Spiritual and mental energy are really one, only at different levels. Sure they seem to function differently, but the golden unifying thread runs through them both.
Let us correlate this with electronics for a moment: A computer and a little electronic calculator run on the same thing in different forms, electricity. The only difference is the level that it runs on. Consider spiritual energy, mental energy and electricity as phenomena. They all unite in the fact that they are all energy in motion. We can separate these energies simply by spectrum, speed and rate, but, they are all the same in so many ways with vibrations, oscillations, projections and energy flows.

Where consciousness goes, energy flows

Is that statement not true for everything in existence? Sure, everything is energy without a doubt, but it is totally neutral until we give it direction and purpose. That is the secret of the toolbox or the therapy, it does nothing until we do something with it.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Jun 2015 (#)

I believe we have the power and control over our lives but we are in denial, afraid to take the initiative to change course - siva

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