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People take medications without prescription thinking them to be safe but its not true utterly. There are many hazards with medicines that only a professional knows and people should be aware of this.


Have you ever been ill ?? Ofcourse you have .. After all you are a human and we all face health issues multiple times. There are many such occasions too when you don't want to go visit a physician or doctor, You are either too exhausted due to your health or there might be another reason ? In such case, have you ever taken a medicine without a prescription ?

Are you your Own doctor ?

Many people, especially in developing countries self medicate themselves either with their own choice or by surfing on the internet or by a suggestion given by family or friend. Has this ever been a case with you ? Do you think that your experience precedes over a 5 years span study of medicine by a professional ? No, the physician and the pharmacist know about medicines much more than you do.
There is a swarm of people out there who go to a doctor once, take the medicine he has prescribed and whenever they get ill again they medicate themselves with the same prescription that was once prescribed to them. It is irrational approach. It may improve your condition and to much worse the medication may harm you without letting you know.

Safest Drug

Paracetamol or acetaminophen is documented as the safest drug. It is even safe to use in pregnant woman when other medications can not be used. It is a simple pain killer and people use it and let other people use it too whenever they hear a person is ill.
But do u know if the person to whom you are suggesting to take paracetamol is a patient of chronic liver disease, you are doing more harm then good to that person. As paracetamol is unsafe for use in patients of severe liver disease because it causes cell death in such a patient.

So, tell me how many times you self medicated yourself ? with what drug ?
And did you have any side-effect later ?
Or you may just think about it yourself .....


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author avatar peachpurple
1st Sep 2015 (#)

to be honest, I had been my own doctor, stopped visiting clinics for years, I check for medications online and bought at pharmacy, save money and lives

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author avatar Sarah Hussain
1st Sep 2015 (#)

Yeah many people do this .. But its only a hit and trial way of treating yourself. Be sure and make everything safe for yourself :-) Its a tiny life ....

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