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Everybody wants success in life, but not all achieve it.. There are men who do not exert themselves, but depend on others. But self interest is the best incentive to work. If this interest does not motivate us to do ,we can not expect others to sacrifice their interests to bring that good to us.


Self help means doing our own work ourselves.No doubt, it is not possible for any man to do all his works himself. So everybody has to depend to some extent on other persons, Still the most successful man is he who depends the least on others .There are men who do not exert themselves at all,but will have things done for them. They are like persons walking on crutches,completely at the mercy of the crutches and are never able to move fast.They lose their strength of mind and power of physical and mental exertion.
Moreover, everybody has his own work to do,and few people have much time to spare for others.So what we leave a work to be done by others, it is either not done at all, or not done so well as we may expect.Besides,dependance on others destroys self-confidence and does not allow the faculties to develop. The result is that we fail in life. The lesson of the proverb -"self help is the best help" is taught by the well known story of Hercules and the carter. A cart got stuck up in mud.When the bullocks failed to drag it out,the carter prayed to Hercules for help. The god came ,but instead of doing anything himself, he told the carter to put his shoulder to the wheel. This was done and the cart moved on .Indeed, no god or goddess will come to our help if we do not help ourselves.

Utility of self help.

If we try to do our own work ourselves, we have the satisfaction that it is not neglected. Even if it is not done well we do not grumble or feel bitter. Moreover nothing is sweeter than the fruits of our own exertion. People sometimes present to others most ordinary vegetables produced in their own gardens. The prices of the things do not count; it is the fact that they were produced by them with their own hand that matters. Besides, self help gives self confidence,develops the faculties ,and strengthens the mind and character. Self help builds up the strong personality that can win over the difficulties encountered in life. It is the mental motivation that steers clears of all hazards he faces in life.


The habit of self help, like all other habits, should be acquired early in life. Children should not be given much help in arranging their clothes and books. In their studies also students should not be helped too much. Many have private tutors and help books. The result is that their independent power of thinking is not developed and consequently they can not fare well in the struggle of , life. The business of parents and teachers is to guide them, and help them only when they fail in their studies.


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author avatar brendamarie
16th Jun 2015 (#)

Your surrounds have a lot to do with success as well. I know, many men who work very hard and have been all of their lives. But, they just do not seem to get anywhere. Life is not easy, we just have to keep trying.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
16th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for encouraging remarks.

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