September 11th Inspiration: Time to Learn; Time to Understand; and Time to Grow

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What have your learnt during the course of your life? Life is a great teacher, yet each and every one of us experiences and understands the passage of events differently. What is your perspective? Chances are it will differ from that of other direct witnesses.

September 11th 2001

This is one of those days where it is not possible to simply make a statement about something without looking at a date of infamy. Generally speaking in 2001 the world was prepared to look beyond the differences that existed and work together for the common good. Trouble was this date set the world back decades. Hatred and fear struck down new world hope and replaced it with an era of distrust and anger.

This picture was one this I watched in horror at just before 2pm in London, live on my TV screen. I had been driving home in my car when the first plane struck the twin towers. The first thing I did was turn on the TV and watch in disbelief. I had friends in the USA, including some who lived and worked in this general area and I am to this day thankful that nothing happened to them.

I saw this day as a day of horror as vivid as any bombing that had occurred over the previous twenty years on the streets of London, including a bomb threat that occurred in a building that I was working in and had to descend 15 floors despite recuperating from a broken leg and another explosion that shook the building I worked in as it killed a bomb disposal expert.

Time to Learn

Whenever anything happens we must learn from it. It often has significance well beyond the events that are happening right at this moment in time. There is a saying that is we fail to learn the significance of the events we are a part of we are doomed to repeat them. That certainly makes everything that happens to us something we can learn from. Yet the simple truth is not everything is dark and overbearing. Not everybody is out to get us! Sometimes things simply happen and there is little we can do to change what occurs.

If we pushed a button and something bad happened it does not mean that we were the cause of it.

There are many learning moments in our lives. It is like the physics experiments that we carried out a school - the ripples in the water and how they reach to obstacles. Each has something to teach us, and in some small way we reach an understanding may be able to use that knowledge later in in life.

Time to Understand

In time we can take the things we experience or witness and analyse them. We can for example that as we pull on the chain the bell rings. All of our lifetime's experiences are brought to bear in every fresh situation that we encounter. Yet how we understand something will largely depend on our perspective; our history, our viewpoint, whether we have a clear or obstructed view, how far away we are, how the events impact us.

Each person (even those standing at the same viewpoint) brings with them different knowledge and different interpretive tools and they will see events unfolding differently and may interpret them uniquely. Years later they will each tell a different story of the same event they witnessed. The truth is there are thousands of different perspectives on the same event. Unfolding events impress each person differently - one of the reasons why two witnesses to a crime will often tell a different story of what happened. Events are interpreted and subjected to our own prejudices, perspectives, and understandings.

Each of us brings different prejudices and perspectives which will impact how we interpret what we see. The key aspect here is always is how we use the knowledge we gain to grow and change.

Time to Grow

Sadly there are people in this world that get stuck with their old prejudices, their old ways, their old perspectives. They are destined to be stuck in a past that has nothing to offer anymore. It is a part of a world that the majority of us have grown beyond, we have reached out and grown because we have a thirst for change.

The growth of the social Internet, the popularity of sites like Facebook is shown that the world is becoming more integrated. It is not simply people like myself with my multi-cultural family that think outside "the box", everyone is thinking this way. Do you have friends in Djibouti, Tajikistan, and Tuvala? Maybe, maybe not - the truth is that today we live in a more close knit world than ever before and the future trend is to bring this world closer and closer together.

Part of growing is about learning and understanding. But also part of this is about who we connect with and get to know. We will continue to grow in many ways. Knowledge and understanding are only a part of it (albeit a large one) but we should always seek out new ways in which we can grow. Nurture that seedling, which is us, and make it into a fully blossoming tree.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Sep 2012 (#)

Yes it will be a day etched in the minds of many, however I for one, do not believe the "official" story of these attacks. I am sure you have already heard the conspiracy theories so I wont get into that... but yes we need to grow and move on.

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author avatar DuitByJames
12th Sep 2012 (#)

From my perspective this wake up call is a repeat of history. Many people are waking up. Many are sharing information all over the planet learning that yes the every day person Wants to be cared about and Not Blowup the People next door. Overcoming obstacles is part Growing. So make friends allover the world wright what ever comes to mind. Read the writing of others.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
12th Sep 2012 (#)

My dear Peter,
A fine piece of writing for which I commend you.
However, the world would never be the same again. The seeds of hatred and mistrust that have been sown that day are only growing and showing no signs of decay. Terrorism is now a common phenomenon in different parts of the world. Although saner people like you and I would like to move on, the majority are still harboring thoughts of revenge and eye for eye attitude.
Young people are being trained and brainwashed that people who sacrifice their lives for the cause would be rewarded with a perpetual supply of milk and honey and a large number of young nubile women to serve them all the time in their afterlife. Unless this false propaganda is stopped and a universal curriculum of brotherhood is inculcated amongst the youth of today, the present state of affairs will continue.
Learning is also an art and given only to a minority. The rest keep repeating the mistakes.

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author avatar DuitByJames
12th Sep 2012 (#)

GV Rama Rao Indeed our world is in a war. Not an easy truth to deal with. You speak of the war of tribes carried on through generations. The powers and principalities that have always tried to burn and destroy.WE MUST FIND A WAY!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Sep 2012 (#)

I returned home after my weekly tennis session. My wife told me to watch what was on TV. It looked unreal and thought so for hours! The world was never the same thereafter. I also gave up tennis!!! And the children thought the bizaare event was repeated many times as TV channels continued to show them for days on end!!!

Are we (the silent majority) not paying the price still for the acts of few? You bet! We become helpless when we allow the evil to lead us. The best response came from few muslim majority countries like Indonesia, Malaysia that took the toughest stand and dealt with the situation in a fitting manner. The evil among them got no compassion. You give an inch, they take a mile, work on the sentiments, portraying themselves as the victims. Enough said!

The main lesson to be learnt is the majority has to step forward and take an unequivocal stand against terrorists of all hues - no two ways about it. If we waver, history will repeat - siva

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