September 13th Inspiration: Facing the New Challenge Head on

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This time of year seems to be one of new challenges. The new school, the new job, the new relationship, etc. How we face the challenge may define us.

What is the Challenge?

Knowing the scope of the challenge ahead is always important. Truth is we often over-think or under-think a situation. You make the decision to move on because it seems the best thing to do given everything faced right now. Is the time right for a new job? You may think so and start looking in earnest.

Opportunities can often arise out of the discussions we have with people that we are in contact with. When it is appropriate you should be discussing possibilities. They may hold the key to your next step.

Your next Great Thing!

It is not necessary to destroy your existing life to face the next challenge in your life. Yet each new challenge that we face brings with it scarey moments - how should we equip ourselves to face it? That is always an interesting question. We know that change is always a challenge; yet the truth is that most of us want it, eventhough we are not always prepared for it.

Certainly it is necessary to destroy the status quo in order to move on. Just taking on a new job within the company you work for can mean major changes, such as different shift patterns. You know that ultimately what you are doing is right, but it still leaves you concerned about how to face the change. How do you adjust? Until the moment you step into the new role you will not know how it will impact you.

Almost certainly there will be issues you had never considered before (remember the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" is not always true). Yet once you start there is often no turning back. You must now move forwards and embrace the new yet do so with grace and poise, also do not let it destroy the sanity within you.

It is all about Relationships

School, job, or your love life. Whichever area you need to change; it is all about building relationships and connecting with those that can make a difference.

It can be necessary to break that chain and move forwards in your life. Here the truth is that no-one can make decisions for you but yourself. Often here every step you take is hard, because it impacts where you are today. It may impact the important people in your life; your family, your lover. In some respects the chain has to be broken in the right way to keep everything that is important in you life ever=present. The point here is you do not want to destroy you life totally, just certain aspects of it.

Moving forwards is never easy. It takes thought, analysis, and understanding; yet it is always possible. The places were occupied a year ago may not be the same place we occupy next year. Change is constant, yet we actually need to be in control of it to remain happy.

All about Change

There is nothing a feared as change, when something is forced on you. Situations may be complex but usually we sense when change is about to happen and tit is much better to control how change happens that be shoved along by other people's ideas. Thinking and planning ahead can help you bat they can rarely stop it. It is better to make you own plans and execute them at the appropriate time. You need to smooth the path for you.

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14th Sep 2012 (#)

Great reminder that the most constant challenge in life is that of change.

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