September 5th's Thought - Getting Through Fear of Rejection

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What fear do you have and how are you going to get through it? There may be so many reasons to fear that challenges ahead but there are often as many reason to challenge yourself and get through the next phase of your life.

The Possibility of Rejection

In an earlier article writer Val Mills made the comment "Fear of rejection is very real and stops many from achieving their potential". She was so correct in her comment.

There are many possibilities for rejection, including:

  • Fear of the opposite sex
  • As a result of bullying
  • Feeling worthless
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Lacking confidence
  • Needing to break out of your shell

One thing this article is not going to tackle directly is fear of the opposite sex. normally that is based of a fear of building relationships or perhaps a fear of commitment. These as for another article at another time.

Most people have felt fear at some point in their lives. Although it is also true that most people will also deny having felt any fear at any time. It is never good to feel worthless, for example, and it is even harder to admit it.

The truth is that most fears can be gotten through or at the very least managed. Getting through fear often means facing it head on, life facing the bully head on and putting them down a peg or two. This is not always possible in all circumstances. Indeed many people prefer to manage their fears rather than face them, never allow themselves to be in the room with the bully. Whilst I can manage my fear of heights by not standing at the edge of tall buildings it does not have the same dynamic as confronting the bully which can be standing outside your front door or indeed anyplace you need to be.

Not Knowing Enough

Feeling worthless, inadequate, or lacking confidence can often be addressed by building your knowledge, by becoming the expert in your field. That may seem an easy statement to make, but it is true. The more you know the more worthy you can feel, the more of a contribution you can make and that is so very important.

There is always more information to be found, more views to digest, more data, more, more, more... Few, if any, subjects are a closed book. There is always another opinion, another way to do something and the more we know about any subject the less worthless or inadequate you should feel.

Lacking Confidence

Lacking confidence is an unusual challenge. Lets fact it you will certainly lack confidence if you are starting a new job that makes specific demands of your skills. You will lack confidence until you will have proven that you can live up to the challenge ahead. Having knowledge of how to do something is not in question here, it more about application of that knowledge to the special circumstances that you face.

You may lack confidence that you will be able to get up early enough, or perhaps work the shifts demanded until you try it.

There are all manner of reasons to lack confidence. It is often change that does this to us and has been discussed a few times in this series change is one constant that we will have in our lives. Asking the question "why?" can be a vital skill to acquire. The confidence to ask shows that you are prepared for the journey of knowing. The end result of asking "why?" should be to build your confidence. Feeling worthless, inadequate, or lacking confidence should no longer be your plague.

What is Your Next Step?

What fear do you have and how are you going to get through it? Education is certainly one route as is facing that particular fear. Is there a step that you must make? That is a question that you must understand the answer to for yourself. The truth is you do not have to be paralysed by your own fear anymore, it is important that you understand your own potential and take steps to unlock it.

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author avatar neeta desai
6th Sep 2012 (#)

Very true..what I believe is that we can achieve almost anything
by having positive thinking.

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author avatar Regine
6th Sep 2012 (#)

A very nice one, I can relate much about this.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
8th Sep 2012 (#)

Sage advice...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Sep 2012 (#)

Our early upbringing plays a big part. Being put down repeatedly leaves a lifelong scar from achieving our true potential. Most withdraw into a shell - siva

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Oct 2012 (#)

Very thought provoking and insightful!! When we come across people who are fearful we should try to help them overcome it if we can.

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