Seven Reasons for the failure of weight reduction

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Have you tried dieting to reduce weight and failed? You are not the only one. There are a lot of people fail to access healthy weight. The cause of the failure may be in the program of the diet or in the application of the program. Simple mistakes can thwart efforts to reduce weight. Therefore, the program of weight reduction should be designed according to the scientific basis, consistent with the privacy and conditions of each person. There are several reasons fail diet program including:

Seven Reasons for the failure of weight reduction

1. The harsh diets

Many people think that when carrying out harsh diet will achieve a rapid reduction of weight. When dealing with fewer calories for a period of time. The capacity of the body to food representation will be changed to burning fewer calories. When you stop the diet and return for more calories. Keep the body burning fewer calories. Weight Increases Again.

2-Not to practice sports

The balance between CALORIES consumed and calorie intake.Help to achieve the target weight. The key to the success of weight loss is the practice of physical activity. Physical activity plays a large role in the burning of excess calories and stored in the form of fat. Physical activity also enhances the metabolic process through the reduction of insulin levels.

3. Not eat Breakfast

Breakfast had an effective role in reducing the weight. Research and studies confirm that people who eat breakfast are more able to maintain a healthy weight. Breakfast is rich in protein, fiber and have an adequate amount of calories, improvement of the metabolic process through the revitalization of the secretion of enzymes needed to Bioaccumulative fat and stored. Also Have breakfast prevents the feeling of hunger and the need to address the larger amount of food at the end of the day.

4-not to drink water many

Drought is the body of the reasons for the failure of the program of weight reduction. The water from the essential nutrients to the body which play an effective role in burning fat because the water is part of the chemical reaction to burning fat. Also convey the water of waste resulting from the destruction of fat outside the body, in the case of drought accumulates this waste in the body, causing liver problems which affect the liver functions, including the fat burning.

Water helps the body's muscles and members to work and efficiency of the best.Which is reflected in the increase in the rate of the metabolism and therefore burn more calories. Research indicates that adults who drink eight glasses or more of water per day burn more calories than those who drink less water.

5-setting of unrealistic

Planning basis for success. A large number mode to reduce the weight of your ability to achieve is one of the reasons for the failure of the diet. A realistic target should be set commensurate with the possibilities available to reach the desired goal. In order to achieve the long-term success, you must gradually reduce the weight through the timetable.

6-body weight measure daily

Measurement of body weight per day is a recipe for frustration, because it leads to the infection of the eating disorder. Also leads to frustration because of fluctuations in weight. Many experts recommend measuring body weight per week.

7-avoid dairy products and

Many of the programs of the Diets do not contain dairy products, because they were believed to increase weight. Modern research suggests that the body burns More Fat When it gets enough calcium rich dairy products. Nutrition experts recommend the inclusion of diet and weight reduction and low fat milk and its products.


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4th May 2018 (#)

The human body needs to eat everything and the quattties will be according to age and activity. For example, an office worker whos is sitting at the desk all the time will need less than a builder who is getting up very early for work, lifting heavy things and climbing on scaffolds. Age too. an older person will need less quatities of food than say a school child, but all of them need to eat everything. Miss or avoid any of the important ingredients and you'll soo have a health problem such a lack of iron, calcium or minerals.

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