Sexual behaviour and Eroticism

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Sex, sexual and eroticism etc are terms which are used in a loose and at times derogative manner. This articles attempts to set right such things by providing a nearly possible scientific definition/explanation of such terms as sexual behaviour and eroticism.

Sexual behaviour

It may be surprising but yet true to know that the concept of ‘sexual behavior’ could not be found in any language until modern times. For instance, neither Bible nor Koran talks about it nor the words have been consciously used by writers as Dante, Homer, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Goethe etc. During early times, it was not used to signify any actions and or feelings, but to refer to a condition of being a male or a female. Even while this being so, yet during the ancient and medieval times, human beings referred to hundred or even thousands of words to describe male/female organs and the act of copulation. They also knew as to what was meant by embracing, kissing or fondling another person which gave them a familiarity with sensual pleasure arising out of physical stimulation and excitement. During sexual acts, such words as affection, desire, love, passion, tenderness or even the technical ones as Cupid and Venus were freely used not necessarily in a conscious manner. On the other hand, there were those who considered sexual behavior as lust or temptation by the devil and spoke high of practicing chastity, virginity etc by condemning acts of sex as abominations, against the will of god, or even committing a crime against nature. One thing that clearly emerges from the above is that so far none has been successful in describing sexual behavior in singularly understandable and morally neutral term.


Eroticism t could be described as the tendency of some men and women to enjoy usage of ‘dirty language’ or seeing in of obscene pictures, sculptures or spectacles and deriving a pleasure from doing so. It can further be explained as a desire of some to display their nude bodies or having a liking to see nudity in others. An example of eroticism being displayed in sculptures could be seen in the Hindu mythology wherein the symbols of ‘Lingam'and Yoni’ in the Hindu temples is considered to be showing the joining of the male sexual organ (lingam) with the female sex organ Yoni. Such a symbol found in a number of Hindu temples is worshiped on the count that it represents an image of the inexhaustible cosmic life force.

The relationship between an erotic act and sexual behaviour

An erotic act is described in the context of sexual behavior as one involving a sexual response of the body to derive pleasure by using its parts in various ways. An erotic behavior is said to be caused by a ‘sex drive’ which term is borrowed from the German language, “Sexualtrieb” by which it was meant that it contained innate energies which made the animals to behave in certain predictable ways. Thanks to Sigmund Freud, the term acquired a much larger dimension and became a subject for discussion within the realms of psychoanalytical theories which made attempts to explain the by and large unconscious motivations of human behavior in the manner they exhibited their sexual behaviors.


Nonetheless, to date psychoanalysis has remained more a subject of faith than something which is amenable precisely to scientific proof. in this light, in the modern context sexual drive has been modified by the term sexual behavior through which it has been divided into various components. It can be seen to be comprised of in three factors, viz, (i) capacity, by which it is meant by what an individual can do, (ii) motivation, i.e. the desire to do and (iii) performance, meaning what an individual in fact does.

We can then conclude that sexual behavior including an erotic behavior can be considered as one which involves stimulation and excitation of sexual organs. In the context of erotic behavior, what needs to be understood is that it follows only after learning by individuals whether, males or females, of their gender role behavior.


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