Sharing With Disabled Chidren (Part Three)

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Married couple told me, when their newborn baby was diagnosed with down syndrome, they felt a great shock.; they felt did not believe the news, immediately ambushed sad, deny it, imagine the child will grow and develop differently with other children. Various feelings are raging within them when their baby had been diagnosed with a disorder

The cycle of parent’s feeling

The cycle of parent’s feelings is started with grieving heart. In psychology called grief cycle. When the parents faced with this reality that is painful, it is consciously or not, they would try to deny that condition. Mentoring this condition can get them out of this period. Sometimes, it is taking a long time for them to be able to accept the situation with sincere.
When this phase can be overcome, they can enter into the negotiation stage. Here they began to look for ways to compromise, to see the positive side of the events that happened, and looking for the solution. The stage where they began to accept the reality that must be faced, until finally they entered the stage of acceptance, which can accept the reality of life in an objective (actual), there are stages of depression (sadness, feelings of anxiety).
This is one of the parents experience in the Rawinala Foundation. The parents faced three steps. Firstly, looking for generosity to accept the grace of God Almighty. Secondly, Treatment efforts will be pursued certainly. Looking for alternative treatment every where. Sometimes, duo to busy to look for treatment, they forget the education of their child. Third, looking for child education. Stage of Consciousness usually only then parents are at a stage of awareness of the importance of education for children who have special needs.
In practice, some parents may have a quick once through the steps, but there is a slow pass, even some cases of parental neglect all terms and choose apathy.

The role of the parents in education

Indeed, there is no doubt that parents of children with special needs certainly face more worries; how they bring their children to health care , to elect appropriate school , to visit the doctor regularly, coping with high level of stress and frustration. Despite this, parents should be in a healthy condition, both physically and psychologically. So, the role of the parent of children with special needs is larger than the role of parents with children without special needs.
The role of parents is very important in all teaching and learning process, not only at home, but also at school. In some cases, the parents feel sufficiently their children get lessons in school, so they do not observe the development of children at home. The Teacher and parent need two-way communication continuously about the constraints occur both at home and Scholl. If there are some restriction or problems can be discussed together and try to find the best solution for handling the problems. Let us see an example the blind and slightly deaf children, they do not see an example of walking, and they need musical therapy to practice their ears. In this condition may require cooperation between teachers and parents to teach and train children not only in schools but also to practice at home.
The education of multiple disabilities conditions is very complex, giving education as early as possible will help to develop their ability. The cooperation expected to stimulate spirit and creativity in the learning process for helping the children. Give your hand and your heart to the children.


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8th Mar 2015 (#)

It has to be hard for the parents. Great post!

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author avatar Yon Maryono
9th Mar 2015 (#)

One of my joyfulness in this ministry, the parents aware that it is GOD's plan for us to glorify HIS name.

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