Sharing With Disabled Children ( Part Four )

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Some cases, because the parents lack of understanding or lack of information about how and what to do helping their children with special needs may affect the "developmental delays" that does not have to happen

Parent Support Learning from The Rawinala's experiences

Based on some parents experience in The Rawinala Foundation, here are some notes to share information to be considered by parents who have children with special needs.
1. Determination of the type of physical weakness of the child must be done by experts. When Parents find the condition that their children are at risk, as children with special needs, immediately take the child to a specialist for examination and diagnosis. Parents are expected not to act before getting doctor’s recommendation.
2. Parents and caregivers should educate them self. If it is known that children diagnosed with certain special needs, then looking for the knowledge and information about the disorder or illness suffered by the child. Some cases they are reluctant to learn Braille or parents are reluctant to learn sign language when their children need help at home. So that learning process will be stopped when at home. Such conditions, the children may feel frustrated because they could not communicate with their parents or families. Also, multiply the discussion with experts for getting knowledge and information acquired for the benefit of the child's parents in proportion (balanced).
3. Choosing a school or education and therapist, in accordance with the needs of children. School and a good therapist is a school or a therapist who is able to work together with parents and children. Providing well education and therapy really will provide a great opportunity for the children can develop better. As early as the children getting education will be a lot of benefits that can be obtained to develop the children’s ability.
4. The environment of family adapted to the children with special needs, so that the household environment prepared and showed a willingness to help. For example, there is parent to install loudspeakers around the corner of their house for helping their son who has hearing impaired in order to he lives in the room full of sound for his therapy.
5. To centralize and train what can be done according to the ability of the child. For example, when the child is able to stir the sugar in the tea in a glass of water, do not force it to be able to make sweet tea with the right dose independently. If a child with special needs has limited intellectual abilities, his parent should not have high expectations to look for a school as the same as his age. The Parent is better to find other aspects in his child who may still be developed.
6. Be proactive (more active) for the treatment given to the child. Be active asked to doctor such as the type of drug administered and why and so on... Being proactive is the way to ensure that our children obtain prompt and appropriate treatment.
Positive thinking remains one of the keys to success. Do not question what can not be done, but see what can be done. 100 years from now, no matter how much money in the bank that I have, what kind of house I lived in, and also what kind of car I drove.... But the world will be different because I've become an important part in the life of my children (anonymous)


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12th Mar 2015 (#)

Caring post! Disabled children need so much love and help!

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author avatar Yon Maryono
12th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank's , CM.

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3rd Sep 2015 (#)

Disabled children should need more volunteers

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