Sharing With Disabled Children ( Part Two )

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The foundation of disable children where I serve as the foundation members is 42 years old; its existence is not because of the ability of management but solely God's help.


This is the name of The Foundation assigned since 1973. Rawinala has six unit programs which are "G" Type Special Learning, Deafblindness Service Training, Early Service Unit, Workshop Unit, Dormitory Unit, and Family Counseling Unit.
The term "Rawinala" comes from the ancient Javanese language which means "Light of the Heart." I really do not understand why the founders chose the name. But there is a child who gives testimony unbelievable. He said sincerely: "I am not blessed with physical body perfectly, because my blind eyes can not see the beauty of nature out there, but I am grateful with light of my heart that God love me, and I see with my heart that all the people surround me loving me”
Finally, I do not ask again the meaning of the name, because I had listened to the innocent and sincere voice from one of the foster children in the Foundation. The statement can touched and be very meaningful to encouraging me. I am physically perfect but my heart is not illuminated sincerity. That's what I mean; my dry heart has been turned out fresh water by disability children.
Rawinala, the name came to be known not only area of our country but also in others such as ASEAN, USA, Australia where related to the services of the disable children. Furthermore, Rawinala is often the place of study for university campuses as well as a practice of other education institutions. You might imagine that Rawinala has been known, but its building facilities and infrastructures apparently are very simple not like building with modern facilities. Rawinala life of simplicity, even the lives of workers, and the board of trustees is based entirely on devotion

Live and grow in simplicity

Buildings and other facilities in Rawinala looks simple and manual... All the facilities are built from the outstretched hand of donors. There are 62 numbers of children in the Foundation, but the numbers of guardians are 28 teachers and 15 caregivers. Ratio of teachers or caregivers and students nearly 1: 2 means that 1 teacher serving 2 students. This is probably the strength of Rawinala, teachers and students are so close personally. They can converse like a friend, a brother, as a caregiver due to the special needs of the children, and guides such as their parents.
Very close emotional relationship between teacher and the children is formed not only based on teaching process but also a personal character that is humble and simple. Parents, teachers and caregivers have reached out and give their hearts to serve. Therefore, the complexities of the character of the caregiver as described then if the teacher or caregiver does not come to work the children feel lost. And many volunteer as caregivers often come and out into the foundation because they could not survive if they do not give services with fully hearts to the children.


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7th Mar 2015 (#)

Excellent share! These children need so much help and love!

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7th Mar 2015 (#)

Great comment.

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