Should you have kids when you're over 40 years old

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Did you wanted to have a child and you're over 40? It's a risky thing to have kids when you're over 40. Most doctors will tell you the same thing, although you might get lucky.

Should you have a late birth

There are women who find themselves wanting to have kids at the age of 40 and
older. They might not have the opportunity to have kids with the right man before this age.
A lot of women nowadays are getting married later and later. However, they should keep in mind that it's ok to marry late, but it's not ok to bear children late, as there are major
health consequences afterward, like the child having down syndrome or other birth defects, like heart, brain, facial, skeletal, defects.

It's very common in women over 40 to have children that came out with birth defects. It's devastating for the mother and for the child as well because they will be disabled for the rest of their lives or that they won't be able to live that long.

I worked in the hospital and I've seen a lot of these situations in the pediatric department.
It's not uncommon for older women to bear a child with birth defects. It's better to adopt
at an older age then to give birth to a child who will have a birth defects and will be disabled for the rest of their lives. It's not fair for them. They will live lonely and horrible alone in the nursing home cause you probably don't have the time, money, and patience to care for them anyways and most of them do end up in the nursing home.

If you read biology books, or medical books, it will tell you that
women over the age of 35 will have a high risk of bearing children
with birth defects. The chances are very high and if the defects is not
severe, it will still be a defect. Although, you might be lucky to
have a normal child, but it doesn't mean that the child won't bear some
sort of health or mental health issues later on in life cause your eggs or
the sperms of your partner is from old age.

As you can tell, anything is
weaker when it ages, like a car, food, your skin, a dog, anything at all.
It's just a part of aging, your cells is different and your health is
different, so everything is different and it's not like a young person at all.

Why you should not have a late child

While no one can tell you what you should do with your body and your life
but it's helpful to understand that you can bear a lot of risk by giving birth
at such a late age. It could reduce your suffering and the child if you don't take
such a high risk. A doctor would tell you the same thing. He would not control you
and let you make your own decision, but he will still tell you that it's risky to do so
and you will bear consequences.

I rather not have a child then to have a child
who will be disabled, and not be able to function and suffer in a nursing home for the rest
of their lives. It's not fun. It's more like a curse to me and if I knew of this curse
I will avoid it at all cost.

If you want a child, you should have them at a young age, and if you can't do it then
have your egg frozen and have it later so it's a young egg. Planning is important so you
do have to plan your childbirth well. I work in the Pediatric department so I see
all sorts of child birth defects and I rather that the mother and child are safe and well.
I like to see a healthy birth.


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