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Here is an article for a quick and easy tips to help you slim down. Take it from a nurse and a health watcher. This is an experience to share.

Slim Down

Who says slimming down is difficult? It's only difficult when you think of it as it is. Have that discipline, but keep the fun going.

Defy your Diet. Are you the type who loves to eat junk foods, fat foods, and more carbohydrates? Try to think of it. What do these foods bring to your health? Weigh the good and bad effects then you will know how and what to cut off or defy on your diet. Don't waste time on diet pills. Defy your diet. Eat less fat foods, no more junk foods, and less carbohydrates (sugar, potatoes, rice, etc). Welcome fruits and vegetables as you shift your 3 times heavy meals to 6-7 times of small frequent meals in a day. Make it just for your body to metabolize. Remember that too much of something is always bad.

Keep Active. Different individuals have different preferences of keeping themselves active. Some play, go to gym, dance, and work. That is your choice. Just keep the calorie burning and circulate your blood. Remember that your blood brings nutrients to all your body parts.

Hydrate yourself. When I say hydrate, not with alcohol, but with water. Wine is good once in a while, but too much alcohol drinking causes dehydration by fluid shifting in your cells. You don't want to have that beer belly most people coined these days, do you? Drink more especially when you excrete more body fluid from exercise or extreme hot weather.

Sleep Well. Don't oversleep and don't under-sleep. Your body needs enough sleep and this depends on your body clock. Sleeping is the best time for your body to rest, your cells to regenerate, and your organs to recharge.

Now, move up and keep that aim to make you slim.


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author avatar smoothoperator
27th Jul 2010 (#)

You are pretty naughty in selecting the captions.

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author avatar CC23
27th Jul 2010 (#)

lolz... =) i feel comfy writing this. it's my field, i could say. =)

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author avatar SuzAlicie
27th Jul 2010 (#)

Great tips!

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author avatar CC23
27th Jul 2010 (#)

thanks =)

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author avatar D in The Darling
10th Dec 2010 (#)

In life, you gain nothing by doing nothing except weight! "That's my lesson in life" So thanks for sharing this and reminding us! God bless!

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author avatar richellet
22nd Dec 2011 (#)

love this cuz... not my subject of expertise but of interest :)

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author avatar CC23
7th Jan 2012 (#)


hahaha. thanks for reading and sa comment. =)

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