Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Level In Men

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Low testosterone level has profound effects in men's health. Low T is a serious matter. Know the signs and symptoms so you can get immediate treatment.

Low male sex hormone is a reality

Men can experience a decrease in the sex hormone called testosterone. But more than just a reduced libido, other physical manifestations can occur. It is therefore important to watch out for the signs and symptoms of low testosterone level before it becomes a problem.

Before one is diagnosed as having Low T, the levels of the hormone must fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter. Once this number is reached, expect these signs and symptoms to pop out. In men, this condition is called andropause – the male version of menopause.

1. Lower Libido
Since testosterone’s primary function is sex related, a decrease in libido is expected. This reduced sexual drive does not just affect the person physically; it can also strain a relationship.

2. Erectile dysfunction
Associated with low testosterone is erectile dysfunction. However, having ED does not necessarily point to a decrease in the male sex hormone. It can be caused by several other problems. But it would be a good idea to rule out other causes before getting treatment for low testosterone level.

3. Low semen volume
This male hormone is also responsible in semen production. So it is logical that a decrease in testosterone will result in lower semen volume.

4. Low sperm volume
Likewise, a decrease in sperm production can be expected. However, it is important to note that this does not mean that a person is less fertile. It’s simply underscores that the number of sperms has decreased.

5. Lower bone mass
Men with low testosterone levels can experience osteoporosis. Apart from roles of testosterone in reproduction, it is also responsible for bone growth and development. Once Low T is present, bones in the hips, ribs and wrists become weak.

6. Lower muscle mass
Just like in bones, testosterone helps in building and repair of muscle tissues. A decrease in the hormone level can reduce muscle mass. Arms, legs and chest are often the parts that take the blow. There are instances when even weight training can’t help restore the lost muscle mass.

7. Male mood swing
Men also have mood swings. The hormonal change can cause men to feel depressed and irritable. Much like the menopause, Low T makes men more emotionally sensitive.

Any hormonal change in the body can derail a person. Both physical and emotional wellbeing are directly affects by the decrease in this male sex hormone. Identification and treatment of low testosterone level will help maintain physical health, emotional stability as well as over all health.


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author avatar LOVERME
20th Feb 2013 (#)

very good article
i advise young guys on sexual problems on yahoo...
if u permit me can i reproduce your views....please pm .msg me

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author avatar jpcmc
20th Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you for the kind words LOVERME. It's nice of you share your knowledge with others. I hope that my article helps people that go to you for advice.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Feb 2013 (#)

Many take it is age-related and nothing much can be done about it. Modern lifestyle adds to this problem. Thanks for this share - siva

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author avatar jpcmc
20th Feb 2013 (#)

That's right Siva, many of our lifestyle choices add to the problem. It's a matter of choosing healthy living. Thank you for your insights.

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