Simple Activities to Help Reduce Stress

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Stress is something that affects all of us. It comes up in everyday life from the moment we wake up. Discover simple stress-reducing activities that you can do right now to help you lower stress and improve your overall health.

Simple Activities to Help Reduce Stress

Stress is something that affects all of us. It comes up in everyday life from the moment we wake up - maybe it's because we are pressured for time to get ready, make breakfast, get the kids to school, and make it to work, but that's just an hour into the day. As the day goes on, many more stressors come up - work decisions, catching complaints from the boss, studying for a test, finding out bad news, dealing with financial complications, living with or seeking treatment for medical conditions, and so on.

What's more important, is not just knowing that stress can happen -- everyone knows that - but rather, what you can do to try to minimize its effects when it does happen. Too many people leave stress undealt with and it builds up until their brains practically explode and their hearts give out. Constant and worsening stress can even lead to medical problems.

It's simple, just deal with your stress. It won't guarantee that the stress will go away, or that it will never show up again, but it can help you with learning how to cope with it when it does happen.

Some Stress Coping Activities to Try

Meditation is a great stress relieving activity to try. All you need is a quiet space to meditate in and with enough focus and guidance on how to do it, you will start to experience relief of tension and general stability of mind and body. Meditation not only helps to alleviate stress, but it can reduce stress-induced sleeping problems, too.

Deep breathing exercises can help a lot as well. Many of us deal with our stress in harmful ways and one of those ways involves breathing poorly. This may be through short breaths or bad breathing rhythm, but either way the differences will be noticed if you make the effort to breathe deeply every once and a while. Focus on getting into a pattern of deep and consistent breaths; you will end up with better control of your body and mind.

Physical exercise is very helpful as well, and for many, it is the number one solution. Whether it's cardio, sports, or lifting weights, exercising helps to release serotonin, which makes you happy, and an intense workout session can definitely get your mind off of even some of your worst stressors.

Music is also a great go-to solution when you find yourself just dealing with stress in silence, and it's especially helpful if you have earphones to use. Ideally, you should choose a relaxing genre of music to play - no hard rock or heavy metal - but some find that music with lyrics they can relate to, or that relate to their stressful situation, can actually be helpful too.

Getting a hobby may help if you do not have a diversified schedule and the stress-inducing factors are taking up most of your time and attention. Of course, sometimes the best solution is to actually deal with your stress directly - this will depend on what is causing your stress to occur in the first place, though.


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You give great tips. I do most of the suggestions in your article.

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That is fantastic, Lynett!

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