Simple Exercises to Lose Weight and to Burn Some Calories

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Some tips to lose weight in a short time. Lose Weight Naturally with this type of exrcises. Best Exercise to lose weight – Types of exercises

Lose Weight Naturally

Best Exercise to lose weight

There is no single best exercise to lose weight. You can choose the best exercise which suits your lifestyle, body structure and need. This article will give you pointers and options to choose from a variety of exercise.
Best Exercise to lose weight – Types of exercises

There are mainly three kinds of exercises.
1. Aerobic exercise
2. Flexibility exercise
3 Strengthening exercise

All of the above mentioned exercises are essential to the overall health of our body. Some may require more of aerobic whereas some others may have to do more strengthening exercises.
How will I know which is the best exercise to lose weight for me?

It is very simple to identify the best exercise to lose weight which particularly suits you. You just need to check two things.
1. Are you feeling more energetic after the exercise to lose weight

You can do some self evaluation of the exercise by asking yourself the one question. Once you have started with the exercise, are you feeling more energetic. If you are feeling excess pain in some parts of the body and the pain is increasing daily, you will have to stop it or check with a fitness specialist before continuing with the routine.
2. Are you feeling bored while doing the exercise to lose weight.

If you are feeling bored, then you will not stick on to the routine. You can watch TV or listen to your music or audio book while doing exercise to avoid boredom. But the fact of the matter is that if you enjoy the exercise, then you will see better results.
Best exercise to lose weight and the calories they burn

Here are some of the best exercise to lose weight and the calories burned by doing that exercise for 1 hour. Please note that the exact calories burned will vary with how the person actually does the exercise and how fast he does it. All values are given in calories

1. Slow Walking – 200-250

2. Brisk Walking – 350-400

3. Jogging – 500-550

4. Running – 550-600

5. Swimming – 500

6. Dancing – 400-450

7. Cycling – 450-500

8. Skipping – 550-600

9. Light exercise to lose weight – 150

10. Hard exercise to lose weight – 600-700

11. Badminton 300-400

12. Car driving 75-100

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