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Simplifying is psycho-analytic therapy. Trying to decide what to get rid of and what to keep brings about a deeply involved symbiotic mind/soul/body relationship few people want to truly expose. It's hard but somebody's 'gotta' do it...MODE of Cosmic Therapy

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Discovering How Much...

To approach life as simply, unpretentiously and uninfluenced as possible contains the true seed of serenity. No other tree can flower so magnanimously as the tree of simple life.

To remove all the unnecessary ‘pomp’ excess from one’s life, produces such an ethereal quasar existence as to be astounded by the sheer enormity of saturated peace from the living experiment.

To realize that one could actually be so happy, so calm, so relaxed radiating such incomprehensible harmony renders an intoxicatingly appealing contemplative mind is true reverent joy.

To reduce one’s existence down to the bare minimum requires a state of uncommon mind that, no doubt, resists the effort but so worth the investment.

With the first motion to eliminate the surplus, an unbelievable freedom seeps in. The beautifully exalted sweet fragrance of divinity’s sensually sweeping abode calms unruly vexation as nothing else can. We have no idea how little we really genuinely want.

Mortals believe they need things. But, the real culprit lies at the base of ‘desire.’ We absolutely fuel ourselves with an overload of annoying desires. The sad result from this unconscious fact is that these desires actually do not belong to us.

Nonetheless, they sap our constitution in a combative matrimonial fury of striving, comparing and competing.

We associate, identify and measure our self-worth by how much we have, who we know and how we can better succeed. Inadvertently, we have picked up the pretensions ideas, needs and ‘concepts of external value’ from others.

Unbeknown to us, (along with the ones, whose influencing ideas, have aided us in our present concept of credentials of what is important) an inviolate field of distorted perception has invaded our sphere with a powerful surge of familiarity.

Some how, we have exchanged our inner peace for ‘so-called security.’

Through the years, accomplished by a methodical process of ‘wanting to be well thought of’ osmosis, a draining ambitious nature siphoned the ‘natural and convenient’ spirit of independence.

We are taught (By people who know no better, themselves) that to be seen as ‘normal’ and ‘accommodating’ holds the most value in society.

But, the ‘train of normality’ in today’s modern cyber spaced world, rushes the tracks in such unimaginable speeds, little wonder why we never seem to have enough time to think, much less pray, meditate or ponder the true astonishment of simple things.

‘Normal’ people are so bombarded on every side, with so many 3-second conveniences, trinkets, pleasures and intolerably embroidered conception of aspirations, yet possess not a clue that they do.

Why do we buy into the superfluous mass marketed idea ‘instant happiness’, IF we purchase ‘so and so’, do ‘this and that’ and ‘go to some ‘well advertised’ retreat somewhere to listen to somebody?’

The simple unmitigated facts are: We are perfectly self-contained, equipped with all of the elaborate indispensable tools of self-containment needed to saturate every moment of our personal life with continued bliss.

No one in his/her right mind desires to be saddled with so many things! Ambition generates a completely disgruntled state of perverted cockiness that does nothing but build biased animosity toward life and others who prevail in it.

Things are untold strenuous burdens and unless one is willing to devote his/her entire existence to ‘marinating’ them, caring for their well-being, seeing to it that they are in no way neglected, abandoned or refused attention, giving to them the up-keep and maintenance they require, they will prove to be nothing but reminders of how truly unfulfilled we actually are.

Why devote our lives to such a never-ceasing pointless race of avoidable servitude and slavery?

IF we continue to devote so much of our precious time to projects that sap the very life force from our veins, how will we ever squeeze in a moment of sheer tranquility?

It’s so vitally important to our priceless soul, not to do anything we don’t absolutely want to do. It’s ‘opulent’ affirming (the incalculable wealth that really matters) to ‘stand still’ without having a reason as to why you are not moving or being moved in a particular direction.

It’s crucial to say, “No”, when others are expecting us to jump the proverbial rope of conformity and hop-scotch to the tune of self-sabotaging demented unessential designed contrived aspiration.

Let’s tend to this momentous task immediately. Start with the concrete awareness that we are unsettled. We are smothering without recognizing it. We’re up to our ears in the quicksand of our own fears of being left out, left behind, and left unnoticed, unaccomplished and undone. But that’s a relegated lie!

Shred the noxious papers which hold us at bay from ourselves. How? By keeping things to a bare minimum.

Let us tune into the ‘still small voice’ which stirs gently in our subdued minds. Let not our body and spirit be carried away in the frivolity of ‘something’ that’s supposed to mean something to somebody somewhere, even to the point of supposedly being a highly sought after collectible item. Collect yourself.

Don’t allow your mind to become fragmented in the pursuit of anything that is purposed to make your life better, happier and more secure. Bull Shit. “You are as happy as you will ever be”, this minute!

Are not the ceaseless unfolding moments in the day measure enough for us, where by IF we were freed of the bondage of things (along with the time, money, effort and energy associated with them) that we could enjoy our hours more artistically, spectacularly and creatively?

What is ‘it’ we’d conjure up without ANY money involved?

What about creatively preparing and enjoying a never-before-tasted meal? How about just enjoying the smell and taste of a freshly bloomed honey suckle vine, or studying and painting the variegated colors and shapes in one’s own trash?

Try creating a song complete with lyrics/melody/harmony of “your distinctively delicately chosen’ sound of multifariously orchestrated birds singing on a warm summer morning?

So many songs are waiting to be written, plays performed, pictures painted, hills and valleys, water falls explored along with a thousand million and one trillion other life-altering pleasure filled adventures to be consumed.

Choose to fill your boring life with isolated episodes in prayer and exaltation in moments of private ecstasy. Again, I reiterate: Let yourself be granted the ultimate sacred soul invigorating desire of learning who you really are without the prefix of THINGS.

We must Shift down.

Remove all that is not absolutely necessary for our most fundamental thriving We’re not alive to survive but to breathe, to “dive’ into the recesses of our innermost selves to discover who we are NOT and what we specifically have NO need, desire or interest in.

Does this admonition seem severe and harsh?

If it does, a sense of urgency surrounds the magnitude of refusing to be coerced, coaxed or influenced any longer. {Most especially by the needless chattering senseless dialogue within our own conditioned minds.}

The immediacy of the assignment calls for us to “return home to our first love”: our untouchable stripped bare selves.

That’s all we really care about, need or want. Everything else comes after that!

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